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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Remember this quick trip I took to Basel before heading to London with Condé Nast, back in March ? I  actually had the incredible opportunity to attend the Baselworld exhibition for the very first time, as well as to visit Switzerland for the first time also. This was one of my favourite business trip so far and I got to meet with fantastic, world-renowned jewelry and luxury timepiece brands such as TRIWA, a Stockholm-based watch and accessory brand founded back in 2007. Together, we worked on this amazing campaign that is, today, finally ready for you guys to enjoy as well…

One of the things I love most about being an infleuncer is that every day for me is different and allows me to be creative in many ways. Because my work often requires me to travel for meetings, to schedule new projects and campaigns, to find extra down time to catch up on emails and to attend press previews/dinners/launches on a regular basis, I like to extend that idea of being imaginative to my daily lifestyle. I love wearing a timepiece throughout the day not only as a Fashionable accessory but also to keep me running on schedule. A typical 24 hours in my life begin around 6:30 AM, bright and early ! I try to squeeze coffee, breakfast, gym time, shower, hair, makeup and outfit pull in about three hours before getting down to the important stuff ;)

9:00 AM: Errands run

TRIWA's 'Azure' Niben watch is classic and stylish, without looking too flashy. Its casual air is perfect to run around town and keep track of time from a stop to another one. I have the biggest weakness for metallics right now and the Azure's band, made of steel mesh, definitely gives an edge to my timepiece. And, for an extra touch of feminity, this watch features an engraved dial with a turquoise roundel, all set with a polished steel bezel.

1:00 PM: Blog related work

When I'm on duty, my TRIWA 'Dawn' Lansen time bracelet is my go-to accessory because it is both stylish and pratical. It features a light grey dial engraved with circular gold hour index markers and white minute and second markers, topped with high contrast blue hands, which makes it super easy for me to make sure I stay on time by quickly looking at it. I love that it definitely has a vintage feel to it, mostly because the watch comes with a one-piece imprinted leather strap that is customed-made in brown organic leather by Swedish tannery Tärnsjö. Brown leather is timeless; you can mix it and match it all you want, and it will never go out of style. It also has that professional touch that I like and that makes me feel on top of my game from meeting to meeting ;)

5:00 PM: Blog related events

A big difference between my work during the day and during the evening is the type of meetings I have to attend. During the day, it's mostly editorial, not very Snapchat or Instagram-friendly if you know what I mean ;) Think of it as the behind-the-scenes of PBTH. It is post-regular working hours that the most of the magic happens ! Runway shows, brand launches, press dinners, media parties, you name it. I also usually get to dress up during these events and my TRIWA 'Walter' Lansen Chrono timepiece is my number 1 option for a chicer, edgier and trendier look. It is actually a unisex, neat, sophisticated chronograph that truly embraces the boyfriend trend to its finest. First, it is a little bigger and bolder, which is a style I like to sport whenever I dress up, and features gorgeous metallic details such as golden round hour indexes and gold sunray sub-dials on top of a clean, charcoal sunray dial set within a brushed gun plated steel case with a gold crown and push buttons. If you are looking for a chronograph with an expensive look, this is your guy ;) Unlike the 'Dawn' Lansen, the 'Walter' Chrono comes with a  black organic leather two-piece strap, for a more masculine feel that brings up the watch's 'boyfriend' factor a notch more.

9:00 PM: Me time/Overtime

When I usually get back home after a full day of work, I am most likely to just shower, have a glass of wine and relax or spend time with my friends and family. However, once every two nights I will have to put in the extra effort and get back to work. Thing is, this industry comes with a lot of unexpected and for PBTH to be on its A-game all the time, I have to make my down time, work time, when needed. But hey, it's Fashion ! My TRIWA 'Jade' Niben watch is my favourite wristlet for night shifts because it is super versatile. The softer colour of its tan leather wristband makes it easy to wear as a casual accessory while the brightness of the Jade's dial brings out the fun of an all-nighter; gold engraved, set with a glaring turquoise roundel and a high contrast blue second hand ! The watch also features a gold hour index markers and an inner ring displaying seconds. It is set with both a mineral glass and a polished stainless steel bezel for a softer, more feminine look.

 Photo credits: @deycallmejai // 2J Photography

Which is your favourite watch from this collection?

Brought to you by TRIWA.

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