1 SCARF | 5 WAYS by Longchamp

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ever since I was a little kid, scarves were my thing. Even though I used to never really accessorize my outfits, there seemed to always be an elegant little silk square that would match what I was wearing. With the years, I grew my neckwear collection like crazy; I actually own so many different pieces that I could go months without having to put on the same one twice. Like I said, it's my thing ! People like to collect stamps, tiny silver spoons, mini cars, hats… I am obsessed with silk scarves ;)

More precisely, my latest obsession is this gorgeous Longchamp snakeskin printed silk scarf in a beautiful mix of browns and other neutrals. The French Fashion house has this ability to design the perfect silk squares, first of all, by making them the perfect size: 90 cm x 90 cm, the exact measurements that will allow you to achieve any style that you want. And that is really what this is all about, style ! The beauty of silk scarves is that it can either complement, add on to, change, dress up or dress down any figure, any style. But the thing is, investing in such a high quality brand is a real commitment. In fact, Longchamp scarves are generally estimated around $CAD 400,00, which can be expensive for a simple garment. You have to make sure that you'll truly appreciate it and will want to make the most out of it. In a nod to the brand's collections, Longchamp scarves are the ideal Fashion accessories to wear around your neck or wrist, or to hang onto your bag, for a finishing touch that makes all the difference to your outfit. Here are five ways how I personally make the most out of my newest silk square

1. The 'Marinière' 

This one's a classic ! It was the staple of my uniform back at boarding school and I loved it so much I kept wearing it along every single outfit that would include a skirt, a blouse and knee-high socks.

2. The Stylish Knot

This one's a little bit more formal, I think it's very stewardess-like ;) But, instead of adding it to complement any kind of corporate outfit, I use it to dress-up a more casual ensemble like a denim/shirt  combo.

3. The Western Neck Wrap

At first glance I wasn't too much of a fan of the Western Neck Wrap but turns out it's kind of cool, in a nice sophisticated way. Very fresh, young and summery !

4. The Reversed Open Back

I am more familiar with the Reversed Open Back when it comes to evening scarves but you can as easily wear your silk scarf this way if you like this style. It definitely the chicer way to wear a scarf and as always been. It's timeless !

5. The Wrapped'roud Bag

Finally, from time to time, I like to treat my handbag with a little touch of style. Especially when I go for a bag that's very simple, monochrome with very light detailing (like my Pliage!), I like to add a little some-some.

Snakeskin Printed Silk Scarf c / o Longchamp

Make-Up by Elizabeth Arden

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  1. love the scarf!


    1. It's really one of a kind ! Thank you for your note :)


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