The NEW Longchamp 'Le Pliage' !

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Longchamp, to me, is much more than a high end Fashion line, it's iconic ! It all goes back to boarding school, sophomore year. My parents had finally agreed to get me a navy Le Pliage medium tote bag to carry my school books, the one with the big handles. Ever since, I joined the Longchamp girl's club and never left. That's the think with luxury, you can't define it. You can only define what it means to you and for me, it's the idea of sentimental value, life experiences and cherished moments.

I'll never forget my first Longchamp bag, nor the second, third and forth one. I decided to go for the chocolate brown Expandable Travel bag during a quick trip to New York, right before boarding on a 15-days long cruise throughout the Caribbean's, as I thought it would be the perfect cruise companion to stroll  around with from island to island ;) Then, when I went away to Paris to work, during the Summer between my two years in Prep school, I stumbled upon the most perfect neutral bag, a nylon and leather mixed tote from a past Kate Moss x Longchamp collection. What a true piece of gem ! This bag is still today, one of my favourite of all… Lastly, when I went back to Paris not too long ago, this time with Karl, I completely fell for a deep red mini Le Pliage with smaller handles for a much more chic look. At the time, I was totally obsessed with the American movie 'Le Divorce' and if you saw it too, you must certainly remember how mini bright red handbags were a thing back then ;)

This season, the Fashion house comes back with its exclusive Le Pliage personalized experience and for a limited time, you can order to very own customized and monogramed Longchamp handbag at La Maison Ogilvy in Montreal. With a total creativity freedom, you get to pick and choose your favourite features among the endless possibilities offered by Longchamp, whether it's a long or short handle, the main colour and stripe colour, the type of hardware, embroidery or embossing options and more ! What a nice way to treat yourself, or someone you care about, to an original piece that suits your taste and Fashion sense to perfection ;) Stop by Longchamp's pop-up shop on the ground floor of La Maison Ogilvy until May 18th to express your creativity and realize your unique creation ! 

Pictures courtesy of La Maison Ogilvy©

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