Monday, May 18, 2015

Morning everyone !

First and foremost I would like to apologize for the radio silence; I have been dealing with a serious amount of work for the past two weeks, aside from graduation (yay!) and moving into my new place, so it was very important for me to be able to take a step back and focus on one project at the time. After all, I do believe in work done great ! If you are following me on Instagram and Snapchat @TheOfficialPBTH you might already have a few ideas of what's to come for PBTH and I for the next few months but bare with me, I will finally(!) be able to share ALL the deets with you guys this week, right here on the blog ;)

Now, to start off the day on the right foot, I am so incredibly excited to announce that one of my all-time favourite Fashion Houses has teamed up with H&M to work on the brand's next designer collaboration in the Fall. Following the steps of some of the biggest name in Fashion (Lanvin, Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Marni…) Balmain Paris, led by the young and extremely talented Olivier Rousteing, will curate a unique and exclusive collection, bringing together some of the best work produced by the Parisian Fashion House since 1945 and remain true to the vision and spirit of its founder, expressing energy, fun, amusement and freedom. 

The young creative director has created a unique identity for the house, at once respectful of its couture DNA and rooted in the moment, with a showbiz flair. Highlighting its pop charm through the H&M collaboration must certainly have come as a natural decision ! "I want to talk to my generation: this is my main aim as a designer. H&M allows me the unique possibility of bringing everyone into the world of Balmain, get a piece of the dream and create a global #HMBalmaination: a movement of togetherness, fueled on a hashtag. The collaboration felt extremely natural to me: H&M is a brand that everybody connects to. It calls for unity, and I am all for it," says Olivier Rousteing.

Yesterday night, Rousteing himself and his friends Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn, walked the red carpet at The Billboard Music Awards revealing the first pieces of the collection. Who else saw that coming ? And now that the beens are spilled, all is left is to wait for November 5th for the collection to be launched and available in over 250 H&M stores, worldwide.

How's this for a good start of the week !

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