Backstage at Custo Barcelona

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Custo Barcelona show is one of my favourite runway show during Fashion Week season and his FW15 presentation entitled 'Shake Before Use' was no exception. Being granted backstage access is the perfect way for me to bring you guys along to discover the new collection in all Aw's and Ouh's, and of course, to witness part of the action, behind-the-scenes ;)

Finding yourself backstage at Custo's is like finding yourself in the middle of a vibrant party, gathering all of the Spanish high society, on a warm, zesty night out in Barcelona. Everybody is dressed to impress, wearing Custo from head to toe, speaking in the fastest mix of different Spanish dialects, snapping selfies one with each other and sipping on Coca Cola Zero while awaiting for a word with the infamous man of the hour, Mr. Dalmau himself. Custo is such a nice, stand up, select gentleman and having the chance to celebrate with him is most recent work each season is such an honour and a privilege !

The story of the 'Shake Before Use' runway girl is, first and foremost, the story of a teenage girl, out partying with her pals. She uses her hairstyle and makeup look as a statement, sporting a funky braided hair-do and a young, colorful, fresh face with bright orange pop accents of the eyes. She also likes to use Maybelline New York cosmetics to achieve creativity freedom in her fun, fearless beauty looks. Kind of like how the 14-year old me and you would style herself up back then ;) Brushy eyebrows and natural pink lips completed the looks over a matte, your-looking canvas.

Backstage, I met up with the lovely Sophie Simmons, which I first met during the launch of her collection with the Style Club in West Hollywood last year, for a quick chat before the show started. So fun to be able to connect with new friends from all over the world, everywhere in the world !

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