7 Favourite Spring Hair Products

Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring has sprung here in Vancouver and although the coastal weather reminds me a lot of Miami's tropical warmer seasons, I couldn't be happier for these mellow temperatures we get on the West coast. Here, it is so different from Montreal and New York; you can go out for an easy-breezy jog early in the morning because it's about 12 to 15°C outside and then, enjoy a nice sunny weather from the comfort of your A/C-chilled office as the day progresses. That said, even though it doesn't feel like we're about to burst into flames, the ambient air in Vancouver, being so close to the water, can be quite heavy and humid on the daily. When I moved here for the Spring/Summer season, I did expect my frizzy hair to have a bit of a hard time adjusting to such temps., and so, decide to pack up and bring with me my BEST & favourite hair styling products, in which I learned to put trust in throughout the years.

Having naturally curly hair, I'm used to straighten it every week so it is easier to manage on a daily basis. But, as every curly hair girl knows, going from frizzy to flat is no easy thing. You need a good flatten iron, heat protectors, hydrating mists, hair silk serums and a daily dash of fixing spray which, combined all together, will make you hair heavier and therefore, volume-proof. This 250 mL blue bottle is where everything changed for me ! Once my hair absorbs most of the products I treat it with (usually about a day post straightening), I simply spray a little bit of KeraStraight's Root Lift Gel on my roots, dividing my hair in 8 equal parts so the products diffuses well all over it. I wait a few minutes then, proceed to style as per usual and voilà ! This spray gives my hair a very versatile and strong support for a long lasting volume effect. Plus, it causes zero flaking and holds my roots without stiffness.

2 & 3) L'Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers by Tecni.Art Dishevelling Gelée & Texturizing Salt Spray

Fact: I only wash my hair once a week because it is so dry it wouldn't produce enough natural oils and would become way weak. 

I generally give it a good cleanse, mask treatment and conditioner on Sunday nights, let it dry naturally through the night and straighten it the morning after. On the first day, it'll feel soft, light and super straight. On the second and third, it is way easier to style into nice big, voluminous waves, which is probably my favourite hairstyle. ;) On day four, five and six, it starts getting heavier and a little bit oily at the roots (which is what I'm aiming for prior to wash again!) so I then rely on my favourite dry shampoos (we'll get to it next week!) and those two bottled styling miracles ! The 'Scuff Me' Dishevelling Gelée gives a tousled effect to my hair and recreates to perfection this straight-out-bed look that became so popular over the past year. I apply to freshly dry shampooed hair, from lengths to ends, then, scrunch the lengths, tousle the ends and leave to dry naturally. The 'Beach Waves' Texturizing Salt Spray gives a more sexy effect to your hair with a matt finish (perfect for Day 6!). I like to spray it all over my hair, holding my head upside down, and give it a good shake, up and down, before detailing with my fingers. 

4) L'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil

Enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil, this lightweight oil will care and pamper all types of hair, nourishing even the finest ! The formula leaves hair looking shiny but not greasy, feeling nourished but not heaviy, and supple but not fussy ;) L'Oréal's Mythic Oil, part of the namesake hair care line, has been my go-to hair serum since 2011, when I went away to College. I primarily use it to nourish my hair because I style it with heat on a daily basis. It prevents my ends from splitting, helps my lengths get back their strength and gives my hair this healthy brilliance we see in magazines. Over the years, I also started using it as a scalp moisturizer over towel-dried hair, right after washing it. I always had this annoying dandruffs issue and since using Mythic Oil on my dry scalp, it significantly reduced redness, relived irritations, calmed itchiness and prevented flakes. Careful not to apply it on your roots when styling dry hair, they'll become super oily in a blink on an eye !

5 & 6) Kérastase Discipline Smoothing Taming Milk and Thermal Anti-Frizz Protection Spray

When it comes to straightening my hair, Kérastase's Discipline line is doing great things for me ! It is a very good, high quality option to take care of keratin treated hair such as mine and it is super quick & easy to use. Right after I wash my hair, I use the Glaçage Thermo-Seal Smoothing Milk to untangle my hair and keep it hydrated while it'll naturally dry through the night. Then, the next morning, I like to use Kérastase's Anti-Frizz Thermal Protection prior to style my hair with my heating tools. Not only it will protect my hair from the damages of too much heat, but it will also work with it to achieve a frizz-free look that will last days. I generally don't even have to retouch it during the week, it's that good ! Plus, it accelerates my hairstyling process a lot so I can save up extra time on my beauty routine.

7) Institut Esthederm Hair & Body Dry Oil Care

Now I am very exciting to present you guys this new release from Esthederm. As a long-time lover of the brand, especially of their sun care line, I was ecstatic to find out they had recently launched a dry oil that not only was good for you skin, but also for your hair ! Have you ever been concern about other ways to protect you hair and your head from the sun, aside from the old hat trick ? So did I ! At some point, I would even apply a little bit on sunscreen over my hair just to make sure I wouldn't get a scalp sunburn or anything ;) Hello greasy hair, indeed ! But this dry oil really does the trick; it'll protect you hair and scalp from the sun, it will nourish you lengths and ends through the day, especially if you go for a swim, and will preserve and enhance (along with sun exposition) you natural (or unnatural !) hair colour for richer, shinier, bolder tones. Plus, once applied, there is no wait to go on with your daily activities because it is water-resistant ! I mean, is there one thing that this dry oil can't do ?

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