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Fellow influencers will agree, the one and only key to a successful Fashion Week season is time management. Good time management, actually. And although I like to think of myself as some sort of an organization freak, sometimes I just can't seem to be able to make it work all on my own. That's why each season, I like to reach out to a handful of trusted, hard-working, Fashion loving individuals that I believe will be able to help me make the most out of Fashion Weeks. I call them, the crew ! Truth is, although this is somehow an important business expense for me, I do believe in the profitability of bringing together a team of super-talented helpers, when in times of need ;)

Aside from the usual photographer, assistant and Fashion Week blogger-pal, I like to look into booking a hair & makeup team, not for every single day, but for those crazy days where I'll have to change a couple of times or when I'll get a day filled with shows and an big evening event back-to-back. I might sound a little (or a lot!) obnoxious here, believe me I'm aware, but thing is, although I am pretty confident in my hair and makeup skills, I just don't have the knowledge, nor the talent to be able to achieve more complex beauty looks or to rebuild a whole new makeup look without having to start from scratch. I'm sure many of you gals are feeling me on this ;) That's why I generally inquire help from a on-demand beauty & wellness services company and as I have tried many in the past, I'm in a position to tell exactly what I want and what I don't want…

This season, during NYFW, I have finally been able to experience what has been a major buzz around the City these past few months: PRIV. PRIV is like the holy-grail of on-demand beauty & wellness, bringing your favorite services, along with their highly-vetted professionals directly to you; anytime, anywhere. One big plus for me was that, first and foremost, the company was able to adapt to today society and trends by making it super easy to inquire services from the comfort of your own home, office, studio or really anywhere you'd want, with just a few clicks by using their smartphone app. This makes it super convenient for someone who has a very irregular schedule or someone that's constantly on-the-go ! I personally love getting my hair and makeup done in my hotel room so I don't have to actually go out and risk ruining anything accidentally or running late for an event or meeting. And the most fun part about PRIV is that, the app caters to not only hair and makeup duties, but to a whole range of everyday life services going from fitness to massages, to nail treatments, to men's grooming, and so on… It's like hiring your own little spa crew minus the insane costs of actually having to hire a spa for the day. And each service on its own, still remains totally affordable !

1) First, select which service you want done. You can PRIV one or more of these services at a time:

HAIRCUT | Regular grooming or a style shakeup
BLOWOUT | Whether you want a blowout, braid or updo
NAILS | A basic manicure to gel with nail art
MASSAGE | From a midday office break to full relaxation at home
MAKEUP | For your Saturday night or your Wedding day
FITNESS | From yoga to boxing
STRAIGHT SHAVE | A beard trim or a straight shave and style
SPRAY TAN | From a sunkissed glow to a beachy bronze

New services are added regularly !


2) Then, select your PRIV expert based on their speciality, rating, availability, bio and more… 

I had the pleasure of being taken care of by Brian Dean; professional freelance makeup artist whose previous clients include Kim Kardashian West, Alysia Reiner and Jamie Chung. What a keeper !



Michael Braun, former student of The Aveda Academy and Rita Hazan Salon, stepped in as my PRIV hair expert for NYFW and transformed my frizzy, dried out messy hair into subtle yet, glamorous shiny locks for a polished 'straight-out-of-bed' kind of look ;)




3) After downloading the app (from the App Store or Google Play), you can easily manage your account's preferences from your phone...

That includes booking appointments and checking on PRIV experts availability, marking down your favourite experts for future references, staying updated on the new services regularly added by PRIV,  referring your friends and family for an extra $20 credit each, redeemable on all services & messaging your experts for any type of inquiries, questions, changes, and so on !


My NYFW experience with PRIV

Back in February, the PRIV team helped me get ready for the highly anticipated Custo Barcelona show, which I have been attending as one of their bloggers for many seasons now. Every time, the experience is SO fabulous, moving, energetic and beautiful, and I try and go out of my way to make justice to the brand who's dressing me, season after season, in its latest collection for the occasion.

My two experts for the day were makeup artist Brian Dean and hairstylist Michael Braun; as we met for the first time, I explained them what exactly was the game plan and they got on to it like they had done this a thousand times. I learned later that in fact, they had ;) It is really important for me to work with experts that are talented and know exactly what they're doing, especially when it comes to work and PRIV definitely showed me they shared the same opinion of that matter.

Both Brian and Michael were able to work their magic simultaneously, making the whole experience fun, fast, hassle-free and greatly enjoyable ! PRIV is now my go-to hair & makeup destination for every occasion, almost wherever I find myself as they are also based in Los Angeles and London.

Photo credits: Lauralee Vazquez©
Final look for Custo Barcelona Runway FW15

Photo credits:  Jacqueline M. Lee© via E! Entertainment

Total Custo Barcelona outfit
Boots: JustFab
Bag: Dior
Necklace: Forever 21
Gloves: Coach
Hair: Michael Braun via PRIV
Makeup: Brian Dean via PRIV

** A special thanks to the Iroquois New York Hotel for letting us shoot in one of their suite ! **

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