Yuna Yang 'Hunting Without Guns' FW15

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Of all the NYFW runway shows and presentation I attend each season, it is the ones that aren't showing at Licoln Theater that always amaze me the most. Maybe it's the more intimate vibe of a smaller, cozier venue, or that feeling of being so lucky to witness a form of art people will only get to see online or in the magazines, but there is most certainly a very special feel that comes with it. And so the YUNA YANG presentation went on… Held at the historical 3 West Club, to be precise, an institution that provided to the show, a classic feel of "Old New York" with crystal chandeliers, high ceilings and art deco touches.

Quite the perfect venue for a collection that took us back to the glamorous days of the 40's, when hunting was the high-profile bourgeois sport that is used to be. And yet, the woman behind the mesmerizing capsule collection created for the world film premiere of “Water for Elephants”, back in 2011, went totally out of her comfort zone this season, bringing to us heavier textile, darker prints and somber colours in a tasteful new line called 'Hunting Without Guns'. Yang's inspiration came from a desire to transform typical hunter’s gear into glamorous yet, wearable looks: “Guns to me are a little scary. Doing research, I found out that hunting was thought to be almost a glamorous hobby. I wanted to combine guns with something fun like sports and create a high end collection.”

And so she did.

This new Fall-Winter 2015 collection ranged from a variety of plaid and floral dresses, pants, vests, some gorgeous capes and cape-dresses, as well as some pieces with a much sexier feel to accentuate the femininity of the line. I am completely obsessed with this black evening dress below, paired with riding leather boots, long-gloves and furry earmuffs. The earmuffs are actually one of ma favourite Winter accessories so it doesn't come as a surprise that i was so charmed by it. But this dress really is everything ! The fit, the vintage yet, very chic and glamorous feel make it everything I could ever dream for in a dress. As for Yuna, her personal favourite look was her pastel blue dress, meeting halfway between a cape and a coat; "It was effortlessly chic in its simplicity", she said.

Aside from our favorite picks, the collection also featured adorable cobalt flared pants, reminding us that the 70's trend is strongly coming back for next season and that it is everywhere, some plaid skirt-suits reminiscent of Chanel's debut, back in 1909, beautiful and elegant lace details here and there, and a killer footwear game including riding boots, chaps, oxford's & loafers, mary-jane's, sneakers and stiletto booties. What a truly magical night we spent; I am so happy and grateful to YUNA YANG for letting me be one of the brand's bloggers this season and enter here enchanting universe ! Definitely looking forward to next September ;)

Photo credits: Charles Roussel ©

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  1. Amazing photos :)

    1. Glad you liked it, this runway show was truly divine !


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