Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy happy Wednesday everyone !

I'm currently writing from the gorgeous library of the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, from where I will be working all week in the most inspiring environment. I consider myself truly blessed to be able to take advantage a such a resourceful location, right in the heart of SoHo, London. You know how they say that for writers, environment, location, emplacement is key to inspiration ? Well, this couldn't be any truer and I feel like having the opportunity to travel as much as I do really benefit the quality and creativity of my work. Join me on Instagram & Snapchat @TheOfficialPBTH for an exclusive peek at my week here in London with Condé Nast ;)

Furthermore, in other extremely exciting news, my interview with StyleLab Montreal is now finally ready for you to watch. It is only in French so I apologize to anyone who might not understand exactly everything I'm saying but to make a short story short, every year right before Spring, StyleLab Montreal brings together a curated selection of exclusive Fashion labels, high-end specialty boutiques and Fashion retailers. This might all sounds familiar to you as this year's was my second time co-hosting the event along with 9 others gorgeous Canadian bloggers (read about last year's StyleLab over here!) and again this year, I have had such an amazing time discovering new up an coming collection, learning about new brands and debuting designers, and of course, do some serious trend styling ;)

I find I had a lot more creativity freedom when it came down to pulling garments and putting together my outfit of the day this year; I was able to to pull stuff from every single brands that was showing that day, including footwear and accessories, which actually made my job a lot harder to begin with, but definitely easier at the end of the day. I mean, isn't it a lot more fun to start with a lot and end with a little than to start with a little and then, not having much decision to make ? Anyways, so I thought I'd go for a style that I was very familiar to, especially since I travel a lot, which I like to call 'The Chic Traveler' ;) I found myself quite lucky to work with Lara from NEXT Models Canada, which modeled my outfit to perfection with her European allure and graceful body language, traits that are particular to the 'Chic Traveler', if you ask me.

On the images below, Lara is sporting a very cool, simple black textured matching pants & blazer from Ted Baker, enlighten with a gorgeous Sentaler camel alpaca trench coat casually dropped on her shoulder. I added a fox fur shall on her right shoulder to give more dimension and fun to this outfit and accessorized it with leather booties, the most stunning weekender bag from Authentique Montreal and a dark brown fur beret with a very feminine French touch ! One of the questions I was asked in the interview above was: Could you actually picture yourself wearing this the travel ? Of course !

Creative direction: Chloë St.Felix
Styling: Chloë St.Felix & Patricia Côté
Hair & make up: Véronique Pud'homme
Photography: Saverio Larricia
Video production: MC2 Concept

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