Tuesday, March 10, 2015

If you are following me on Instagram, you probably saw this little note go by, announcing a recent creative project I took part in right before leaving for New York, to kick-off Fashion Week season. I like to think I am a person of habit and when it comes to these little things we do to enhance our body features, nail art is probably my personal favourite. I am rarely seen with simple natural nails, that's a fact, and I invest a pretty fair amount of time every week into achieving my signature nail style, especially during Fashion Week season ! Thing is, with those crazy Fashion Week schedules of mine, the lack of sleep and countless hours of plane/train/cab rides, I can hardly find time to look after my hands and nails, and always end up stressing out about it.

Cue, First World's Problem !

I know, I know. Not the end of the world, I simply genuinely love a good manicure and I think there is nothing cuter than perfectly polished hands and finger tips. And this is where KISS comes in handy with their newest releases on the market… It really all comes down to their new 'Salon Secrets' Nail Art Pro Tool Kit; an all-in-one kit combining nail art essentials and hard-to-find implements to design and create your own personalized sets of nails ! What I really like about this $9.99 (yup!) kit is that it comes with a nail holder station, which is a dream for anyone who wears glued-on nails on a regular basis. Believe me, I know how investing in weekly appointments with you manicurist can add-up a LOT! to your budget and so, I do appreciate brands like KISS who makes it easier for you to do it at home from time to time or all the time. Plus, if one of your nails ends up breaking, you don't have to take an appointment and go back to the salon to have it fixed, you can do it yourself ;)

For this Fashion month, I thought it would be easier for me to design my own set of nails and travel with it so I could switch whenever I wanted and take good care of it from the comfort of my hotel suites. This ended up being a marvelous idea ! To create my sets of nails, I used a bunch of KISS Salon Gel French Nail kits; the most natural-looking French manicure at-home convenience. I am not too fond of the French nail trend anymore but I figured they were the best quality I could get and I was going to paint them anyways. I absolutely love that these nail tips give you that natural look and seamless cuticle line, thanks to their 'snug-fit' technology and 25% thinner cuticle sides. They're ultra comfortable and when well applied, can last quite a long time; In my case each set lasted between 5 days to a week and a half!). Each kit comes with 28 nails, a mini glue (which you can also buy full size separately!) and a wood stick, and are sold in every major drugstores for as little as $13.97 !

In terms of nail art itself, KISS recently launched the 'Salon Secrets' Nail Art Collection; a wide variety of embellishments and luxe accents kits made to facilitate the creation of popular designs such as lace, stones, straight lines, sequins, shapes and so on… I got to play around with the KISS 'Salon Secrets' Rococo Veil kit, allowing me to achieve romantic and delicate Rococo designs and nail veil looks, and the KISS 'Salon Secrets' Luxe Accents kit, a complete 3D professional quality stones and charms kit for a brilliant at-home manicure ! The Rococo kit also comes with a top coat to seal our designs once applied on, which I used to coat and protect all of my sets of nails, including the white set with clear stone accents (see below). I just love how creative and free these complements give us the power to be, when it comes to designing your own nails ! I am such a nail art enthusiast and KISS definitely didn't disappoint me, bringing once again the salon home ;)

For New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks, I used:

sold exclusively at Walmart, London Drugs, Proxim, Pharmasave, Lawtons, Brunet, Familiprix, Jean Coutu, Loblaws, Uniprix and Target

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