BEAUTY STOP: 6 Travel Essentials I Love

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I like to think of myself as a girl of habits however, when it comes to beauty routines, I like to adapt mine to the environment as often as my skin adapts to it. Pretty much makes sense ! Being constantly on-the-go made me realize how much my skin changes from places to places and moving from colder cities to warmer temps. to rainy islands to dry weather actually gives it a really hard time, which is why I came up with a specific beauty regimen for when I travel. For the past months, I have been traveling back and forth between North America, UK and Europe and so, I noticed a big change in my complexion, going from very dry and red-ish to randomly oily and bumpy; a first for me since I have never had an acne prone skin, no matter how oily it could get. So I've decided to try on some of Neutrogena's newest releases on the market because of their pretty, travel-friendly packaging and affordable price. Affordable enough to stock up on all of my favourite essentials ;)

One of the things I CANNOT leave without, wether I'm home or away, is make-up removing wipes; I find them to be more convenient than actual make-up remover lotion because they're 'use & toss' and I hate getting my white facial cloth all dirty with make-up residue because I missed a spot. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Make-up Removing Wipes are quite gentle on the skin and don't carry any harsh chemical sulfates, parabens or dyes on it. I generally don't need more than one to take-off all of my make-up, even when I use waterproof. Another big plus for me is that they're alcohol-free and aren't too packed with cleansing formula like most make-up removing wipes (to imitate an hydrating sensation), which makes them perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers like myself ! After use, my skin was left purified, fresh and healthy looking with no greasy residue.

Now, since I use a sonic skin cleansing device everyday to wash my face, I generally don't go for exfoliating scrub on top of it; it would irritate my skin too much. But from time to time, I find carrying my cleansing device everywhere, quite a bit annoying, which is when I opt for a facial scrub like Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Boosters Exfoliating Scrub. This one has been clinically proven to boost the three signs of healthy-looking skin, which are softness, evenness, and radiance, and is formulated with antioxidants Vitamin E and white tea to preserve this healthy look and feeling all day long. To be used on wet skin, it will not over-dry yours however, I wouldn't personally recommend using it twice a day. A facial scrub should actually be used only once a week but since this one contains micro-pearls that are so fine, it kind of acts as a skin cleansing device. Therefore, once a day if you have a mixed to oily skin, and once every two days if your skin is dry and sensitive.

Cleansers are a must ! I mean, no one should ever really only on the use of make-up removing wipes because even though they appear to remove all traces of cosmetics, they don't actually. Using a skin cleansing gel or lotion on top is the best way to achieve a break-out free complexion. Neutrogena has recently released a complement for its Exfoliating Scrub and that would be the Healthy Skin Boosters Daily Cleanser. I was absolutely charmed by this formula because it is super rich and cushioning but won't leave your skin oily. Used with water over a make-up free skin, I found it really purified my face, unclogged my pores and removed whatever make-up residue the cleansing wipes had leave behind. Plus, the scent is amazing; fresh, pumped, it awakens me senses in the morning and immediately get me ready for my day !

What is it ? 

Salicylic Acid is considered a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) which is an amazing ingredient to treat acne or occasional blemish. It works as an exfoliant that removes dead skin cells both inside the pore and on the surface of the skin. Plus, because it is derived from aspirin it's a pretty good anti-inflammatory and reduces redness. 

Neutrogena has this fun, easy-to-use Salicylic Acid-based Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer that provides a lightweight moisture while fighting acne all day, with a blast of pink grapefruit (Yes, it's scented! If you have any allergies to perfumed cosmetics, speak with your dermatologist before use!). This moisturizer contains a 0.5 percentage of Salicylic Acid, and works best in a leave on product like a toner, gel, or lotion, which is how I personally like to use it. Now, as mentioned before, I don't have an acne prone skin so this product didn't do much for me but to replace my toner, which I usually use in liquid version. It did prevent a few break-outs here and there but I think someone with an acne prone skin would tend to see actual results.

One of the most important products in my vanity ! What I personally look for in a moisturizing cream, gel or lotion, is a formula that will instantly quench my skin without taking too long to dry out. I absolutely hate getting ready in the morning and having to wait for my crème de jour to fully absorb before putting make-up on. Such a waste of time ! Ultimately, it also should hydrate your skin throughout the entire day, not just over the first hour after application. Neutrogena recently launched a unique light-weight formula that absorbs quickly, like a gel, but has the long-lasting, intense moisturizing power of a cream. The way it works is that it'll boost your skin's hydration level and lock it in all day. Suits me (and my skin!) like a glove ;)

Instant tone correctors are the ultimate no-makeup girl's best friend. Take those school days, doctors appointment, spinning classes, errand runs, dogs walk and so on, for instance... You really don't feel like spending a single minute on a pretty elaborated beauty-look however, you wouldn't want to look as if you just woke up either. I personally avoid wearing to much make up mostly because it prevents your skin from breathing normally and will clog your pores eventually. So for the days where a full-on make up isn't mandatory, I go for a tone correcting cream, or in this case, Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Instant Tone Corrector SPF 15; a silky, lightweight formula that instantly smoothes my skin and corrects my complexion within seconds ! It is mainly made of essential soy, a proven tone correcting ingredient that'll help even and brighten skin tone while reducing the look of dark spots, pores and wrinkles. I find this one also acts as a good make up base or primer.

** Products courtesy of Neutrogena Canada. All thoughts and comment are my own. Special thanks to the One UN New York Hotel for letting us shoot in their suite ! **

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