I've Got the Blues...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm not gonna lie; I love the colour blue !

Especially when it comes in different tones. I love mixing and matching blue shades, and I believe it's a colour that goes well to pretty much anybody; I even dared a touch of blue of my eyes that time around in London for Fashion Week. Thanks to Topshop Canada for satisfying my thirst for the gorgeous colour with two stunning pieces from their Summer and Fall 2014 collections ;)

This fuzzy sky blue sweater really has been good to me ever since Topshop Canada sent it along with the most incredible vinyl pencil skirt that was ever designed. I mean, with the bone-freezing Winters we get here in Canada, a nice, warm and thick eyelash sweater is nothing less than a great barging ! I must say it was a bit warm for the weather of London, back in late-September but since the material is very soft and delicate, I was able to pull it off for the Topshop UNIQUE show (can't wait to share pictures of the show with you guys!). And as for the mint pencil skirt, I have been saving it for the most fancy occasions post-LFW ;) Although it really isn't suitable for the warmer days as vinyl isn't too much of a breathable fabric, I still enjoyed wearing it and getting asked by people on the street where I got it !

In my book, a blue-tone on blue-tone outfit cannot possible be paired with anything else than silver and soft white accessories. Topshop Canada's metallic sandals that is, along with this cute purse with embroidered pearl details I completely forgot where I got from. As usual, I completed my look with a stack of Pandora silver jewelry and this amazing 'Middleton' brass necklace, available online at Shals.ca. Total beauty look is brought to you by Rimmel London Canada.



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