Discipline by Kérastase

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Morning from Milan everyone ! As I am on my way to board to a quick flight to Paris, I thought it be fun to update the blog a little with an assignment I have been working on since December 2014… Remember how I announced I was committing to use Kérastase new Discipline line for the next upcoming months, following my in-salon Kérastase keratin treatment at Maison Ogilvy's O Coiffure & Spa ? Well, I've got great news for you; the good stuff ;)

From day 1, I have been undeniably impressed by the efficiency of the Discipline keratin salon treatment which is imperative to have done by your haircare professional in order for the results to be successful and satisfying. To this day, it is actually the most powerful treatment ever created by the brand as its formula offers the epitome of disciplining technology in two types of hair care treatments; long-term care & pro-keratin repair, both highly concentrated professional care to achieve either a deep and lasting recovery control or immediate reconstruction and smoothing of the hair.

For my personal experience of the keratin treatment, I worked closely with Hugo, haircare expert and stylist extraordinaire at O Coiffure & Spa, who performed on me the long-lasting Discipline care; a professional heat activated discipline care that coats the fiber providing an intense reconstitution and long-lasting manageability. As results, I did not only get lighter, smoother and more malleable hair, but I am now also able to achieve this fluency when blow-drying my hair now, and what generally takes me about an hour or so can be done in less than 45 minutes ! A real life improvement and time saver ;) To maintain those beautifully natural and healthy results post-treatment, Kérastase additionally launched at complementary haircare line consisting of three basics (shampoo, mask, conditioner) and two styling products, a smoothing & taming 'glaçage' thermo-seal and a complete anti-frizz care hairspray. By religiously using these and only these products, Kérastase guarantees results lasting over a whole month, which was first and foremost, what I personally wanted to test out and witness.

I have been using Kérastase Discipline at-home haircare line for a little over two months now and feel like I could literally write a full-on essay about the science behind Discipline's complex process and results… But for that, you'll have to stay tuned and wait for my thoughts and comments on the new line later on next week ;) First, let's get back home !

Oh, and whenever I need a quick and easy instant hair refresher and styling, I always rely on my favourite Kérastase Couture V.I.P, volume-in-powder spray for dry hair !

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