Monday, February 9, 2015

This is it guys… The worst thing that could ever happened to me just happened: Only two days before officially kicking-off Fashion Week Season, I caught the worst cold ever. Truly. Thanks to this totally insane weather and to all of those outdoor shootings requiring the perfect daylight, I am now stuck in bed with fever and a stuffed nose, as big as a house. I think I am going to loose my mind ;)

Since there is not much I can do right now, except finish packing for New York and coordinate our last-minute meetings and activities for Fashion Week, I might as well take a few minutes off my schedule to think about warmer days and how bright was the mood at London Fashion Week, back in September. This is the last outfit I wore on my day 3 of LFW, attending the Erdem show, the Burberry presentation at Kensington Gardens and the Tom Ford show, and totally feeling like sunflower running around the city. I have a very strong appreciation for bright knits and this yellow one from Topshop Canada is now one of my wardrobe favorite's. It could not have been a better pick to go along with the Topshop Canada 'orangeade' mini-skort and the lovely silver sandals I also wore the day before. Looking at these pictures again warms up my heart and makes me feel so excited to be back London in two weeks to attend the FW15 presentations !

I decided to do my hair up this time, which is rather quite unusual for my style. I am, indeed, a pony-tail kinda girl from time to time but I wanted to try something different, a little but more trendy. The trendy pony-tail ! Ever heard of it ? I'll teach how to do it one of these days ;) As per usual, silver pieces of Pandora jewelry completed my look, along with this amazing Kate Spade New York 'The Great Gatsby' square tote (really one of a kind piece of collection!), a Shals statement necklace and a no-makeup makeup by Rimmel London Canada.

Like the mix of colours ?


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