When Life Hands You Lemons...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Tuesday everyone ! I hope everybody is enjoying their first days back to reality. I sure am, although this isn't quite as realistic as I'd wish ;) But hey, lucky for me, University only begins again next week which gives me an extra 7-days to work on PBTH before I have to juggle both at once again. And I have never been more ready for a challenge, LET'S DO THIS ! 

Today and for the upcoming days, I would like to share with you some unpublished material from last Summer's Miami SWIM Week, which I attended along with Pandora and Le Château. If you haven't red about my recap of the whole experience yet, head over here, it is totally worth it ! These pictures were taken as I was heading to lunch, if I remember correctly, and even though I don't necessarily approve of under-dressing for a mid-day business meeting, Miami's weather in the Summer is just unbearable; I had to do something about it or I would probably have fainted on my way to the restaurant ;) Gladly, I think everybody that day felt the same way and decided that casual attire was mandatory, if you had any sense of self-preservation !

I paired this cute lemon printed bandeau I got from American Apparel to a bright yellow high-waisted flowy skirt from the same brand. I actually don't think the skirt was designed to be worn higher around the waist but I just made it that way, since I was wearing so little on the top part ;) I also decided that day, that my Ralph Lauren beach hat would be perfect to prevent any case of sunstroke, creating a nice relieving shadow over my face. On my shoulders, for styling purposes only, I laid over what I believe is the perfect button-down navy cardigan; the one I own from boarding school. I mean, when it comes to varsity and preppy inspirations, private school gear is pretty much the go-to pieces to achieve this type of look. I like the fact that I can easily recycle and give a second life to my high school uniform, as I've always found it so pretty ! This cardigan, for instance, has so much history and so many good memories come along with it, and I am definitely looking forward to create many more in the future ;)

Along with my good old 'Neverfull' Louis Vuitton tote, these perfect Le Château wedges completed my outfit. You may remember that Le Château was one of my two big partners this SWIM week and I can assure you that my footwear game was on point ! Bling-wise, I was all-decked out in Pandora Jewelry. I perfectly agree that sometimes, when sun is out and the weather gets blistering, business attire may seem like the end of the world. I consider myself quite lucky to primarily work into Fashion because I can pull off unorthodox outfits like this one, much more easily. Here's how I like to dress-up (or dress down!) for the warmer days. Do you have any sun-friendly go-to outfits of your own ?


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