What I Have Learned This Year !

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hi, hi !

I wanted to connect with you guys quickly this morning to talk about time and personal growth, as promised in yesterday's post. We are currently having the best of times in Miami and the weather is just divine ! It's really those kind of moments that make me appreciate what I have in life and that make me realized how much life has spoiled me for the past few years. Really, spoiled rotten. Those wonderful experiences also make me think about what I truly want in life and which sacrifices I am willing to make to get there. Do you ever get into that deep introspection phase and self-reflect about your life; what you've done and what you've overcome ?

So, I have been thinking lately and one very special and important thing I've realized is that, one should never forget who he/she really is and where is he/she in life. Take myself for instance, with the development of PBTH during the past year, I have started to make a name for myself and, ipso facto, I have started working for myself. Isn't great ? Being able to be your own boss as such a young age ! This is one generational phenomenon I am most interested in, awakened and intrigued by, and of course, super proud of. I mean, Generation Y, we rock ;) We are the generation of self-made individuals and young CEOs, this is so impressive and inspiring. On my part, I've been managing PBTH for a little over three years now, but it has only been a year since I've really starting to see it as a real business. For the first two years of activity, I was mostly writing as a hobby but the past year has been so good to me, so challenging and so life-changing, that I do not regret at all turning my little blog into a publishing and creative outlet, and turning my little self, into a digital influencer.

And although these are all great things to be proud of and feel good about, I lost myself in it this year. I forgot that I was still only 22. I forgot it so bad, people even started to forget I was only 22 as well. I'm not saying here that being young is a bad thing; it's a great thing ! It's a chance to experience early a world full of promises and opportunities. But at the same time, I simply do not fit in a 30-something, 40-something grown ups world. I don't have the same interests of obligations, and I don't benefit from the same amount of life experiences. Because I'm working and evolving in a digital business world I'm learning about at the same time, I did make a few mistakes this year and perhaps, burned a few bridges… That's unfortunate but hey, you know what they say ? A set back is a set up for success ! Actually, one of you guys reminded this to me via social media, a little while ago. And for that, I am so thankful. Thankful to have you guys, by my side ! Thank you for always being there and being so responsive to and supportive of my daily writes and chats ;) These moments of introspection definitely led to a very important personal growth for me and I also wanted to share with you, a few other things I have learned this years...

Expect nothing, appreciate everything.

Happiness is the highest level of success.

Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow

If it's still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk.

" I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best. " - Oscar Wilde

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for !

Don't engage in drama and you'll never loose the argument.

These images were shot just yesterday afternoon, here in Miami Beach. I was so excited to get to wear what has now become one of my favourite piece, this stunning and so on-point dress by Damir Doma's Silent FW14 collection, from Ssense. This new garment is truly one of a kind and I couldn't be more thankful to my beloved, my one and only Karl, for giving it to me for Christmas ! I absolutely love the laid-back fit and and structure of the dress. I think it is a great statement piece to own and will certainly make sure to snap a few more pictures with it later on this week, so you guys can witness its versatility and functionality ;) Here, I paired it with some Pandora bracelets and earrings, and these fun Zara wedged sandals I got myself while in Stuttgart, last Summer.

Thoughts ?

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