One Romper, Two Looks (part. II)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hi, hi !

Today, I'm super excited to share with you the second part of this "1 piece 2 looks " series in which I'm showing you how I went from a downtown casual look to an uptown, bright and chic look, sporting the same gorgeous ‘Pink Crush’ onepiece from Shop the 26th Look. One thing I absolutely love about onepieces is that you can easily change up the game with really, not much effort. It's all about the accessories !

Here, I replaced my all-white classic K-Swiss luxury edition new loves for a nice pair of Le Château tan wedges. I keep making that joke to everyone; to me, because of my darker skin tone, these sandals are more nude than tan but hey, you get the general meaning ;) Wedged sandals are always such a must to carry-around when traveling down South. They're comfortable, easy to walk around with and go well with pretty much anything. It's not easy to find a good pair of wedges but you've found one you like, it's most certainly a keeper ! And just like that, I've got half the job done a about a blink of an eye…

I completed my look with this this Michael Kors leather chain wallet I've been carrying around a lot lately. I'm just completely addicted to going out with only the essentials, now, and this mini bag really showed me how much unnecessary stuff I bring along with me on the daily. It allows me to have on-hand my credit/debit cards, my iPhone, a lip balm and a highlighter, my USB drive, a pocket mirror, and cash money. Simple yet, so incredibly sophisticated ;) And here is how I dressed up my Shop the 26th Look 'Pink Crush' romper, for any type of event where a dress code in enforced; from brunches, to lunches, to dinners to nights out !

Where would you go in that outfit ?


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