Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Being challenged to let out my creativity, intuition and artistic nature was probably the best way 2015 could possibly begin for me. I like to refer as myself as an overachiever because, first of all, who is ever going to argue with you that you are too hard working, right ? ;) But second of all, mostly because I don't think there is a more rewarding feeling than to witness the culmination of a project you've been holding onto for a while. It's like a drug; I know the harder I work on making something more beautiful, great, ingenious, marvelous, and so on, the more powerful is going to be my high when it all ends. And then, you get to look back at what you've done and it reminds you of all the good and bad things that led to this.

You've unlocked yet, another goal.

When Calvin Klein approached me to participate to their cheeky and festive evergreen digital campaign, I stood there in front on my computer. I had to read it over and over again before actually starting to believe it. And yet, the real challenge wasn't to get undressed and expose my little bottom, wearing nothing but the iconic undies... It was to actually conceive, document, produce and edit my own little picturesque Holiday experiences, evoking an entirely classic and even, nostalgic, Holiday mood. The finality of this project did take a fun, sexy and playful turn. Both ironic and iconic.

To me, the concept of nostalgia is better represented by the thought of a postcard. I used to send away tons of postcards when I was younger. I would send it to my friends, my family, my friend's families, to my professors and principal, to my neighbors and even to my Leopard Gecko, Charlot ;) I remember thinking it was way more personal than emails; it was like I could truly let them know I really missed them, even half-way around the world ! When I left for Miami at the beginning of the month, I brought my Calvins with me and the simple idea that a postcard would do justice to such an iconic and timeless brand. And here is what we came up with…

Thoughts ?

Anyways, thanks for reading. You are my daily inspiration !

I was wearing 
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  1. Beautiful photos !

    I wish you a fabulous weekend,
    With love from London,
    Hayley x


    1. Thank you very much Hayley ! Looking forward to visit your lovely city during Fashion Week !



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