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Thursday, January 15, 2015

To all of you foodies out there, who only live to experience the best dishes in town and aren't too fond of exorbitant pricing and non-wallet-friendly menu lineups, I'VE GOT GREAT NEWS !

About a week ago, while I was still in Miami, Montreal launched the 8th edition of month-long annual gourmet festival, Happening Gourmand, where for the occasion, 8 restaurants based in the Old City area have carefully curated and will be serving until February 8th, a whole lunch & dinner menu featuring each of their delightful best-sellers with a twist, for a very budget-friendly fixed-price…

Cue, hallelujah's.

As someone who lives to eat rather than eats to live myself(!), I was particularly excited to get back to in the city on-time to experience first-hand what this year's food-fest had to offer and so, I spent yesterday's evening at Méchant Boeuf, one of the eight participating restaurants, along with a handful of like-minded lifestyle influencers, to check what this 'AAA' quality red meat institution had up on their sleeves... Enough too make you go to bed stuffed (like a tiny green olive!) and pretty sated apparently ;) To begin with, each restaurant features, aside from totally decadent and mouth-watering fixed-price menus, an exclusive house cocktail of their invention. Méchant Boeuf had us all completely crazy about their ingenious mix of Peach Ciroc, Triple Sec, crushed strawberries and lime, also called the Peachy Cosmo !

I must say I have been very impressed with the diversity of Méchant Boeuf's 25$ menu featuring appealing and oh-so delectable appetizers, main dishes, desserts and wines options. I started of my culinary experience with a bison carpaccio and then, opted for the poultry+pork burger for and incredibly awesome and totally unintentional three-meats tasting dinner. Seemed like a good idea a the time since I was coming right back from the gym and was is desperate need of proteins to restore energy and soothe muscles, but that is a whole other story; let's not get carried away here ;) That being said, if I was to come back again within the next few days/weeks, I would probably go for a different approach on the menu, selecting the layered beets and goat cheese for starters & the Icelandic cod, served with beluga lentils, beurre blanc and popcorn (yup! Actual popcorn) as for my main dish. 

On a more individual note, my personal appreciation for wine tasting was also equally fulfilled by the restaurant's wine specialist who took care of selecting two types of wine (a William Hill Central Coast Chardonnay from the U.S. and an Alamos Selection clever mix of Malbec/Mendoza from Argentina) to pair with the many dishes featured on the exclusive Happening Gourmand's menu. I have a strong preference and appreciation for red wine so I went for the Argentinian which falls under the aromatic and robust tag. This wine had a very distinguished yet, intense and complex nose which suits my usual taste in red wines and I enjoyed a lot its dryness and full body. Although it was a tad too acid for my taste, I absolutely loved the mix of spicy, floral and fruity aromas. We finished off dinner with totally decadent desserts, a traditional New-York Chees Cake & my personal favourite, The All Chocolate (brownies, chocolate mousse and caramel!) in which I indulge like a sugar-addict in a candy store ;)

So, who's in ?!

124 rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Montreal, QC, H2Y 1Z3

For reservations please call 514.788.4020, or online here
Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Gift Cards

See Happening Gourmand's fixed-price menu here

Sunday to Wednesday, 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM (bar open until 1:00 PM)
Thursday to Saturday, 5:00 PM to 12:30 PM (bar open until 3:00 PM)


You can also check-out and give a try to the seven other participation restaurants…

A favorite among Old Montreal diners, BEVO Bar + Pizzeria boasts fine Italian cooking, original cocktails and a fresh ambiance nightly. Seven days a week, Chef Giovanni Vella cooks up traditional flavours with a few signature twists. His specialty: authentic, wood-fired pizzas.
410, RUE ST-VINCENT, VIEUX-MONTRÉAL, QC – 514.861.5039

A taste of Japan situated in a laid-back hideaway by Place d’Armes Square, Kyo Bar Japonais is a favourite among hungry, Old Montreal diners. Its menu boasts smart Izakaya creations, lunchtime bento box specials, clever sushi options and, with over 25 varieties, Montreal’s most extensive sake list!
711, CÔTE DE LA PLACE D’ARMES, MONTRÉAL, QC – 514 282-2711

Seven nights a week, live, local bands take the stage at Montreal’s hottest Jazz bar and bistro. Modavie’s spirited setting encompasses two intimate floors and sets the scene for a night of great tunes, top dining and generous pastis toasting.
1, RUE ST-PAUL O, VIEUX-MONTRÉAL, QC – 514 287-9582

Indulge in a laid-back atmosphere with a creative, urban menu courtesy of Executive Chef Yves Lowe. The sophisticated plates, Quebec sourced and inspired, offer the very best of modern brasserie cuisine. Kick back by the chic bar with a crisp martini or grab a comfy table with friends and toast a memorable evening.
701, CÔTE DE LA PLACE D’ARMES, MONTRÉAL, QC – 514.904.1201

Every night, drinks flow generously as Gaspar’s kitchen serves up fresh, pub-style cooking. The menu: soulful staples, original cocktails and friendly service in a classic tavern setting.
89, RUE DE LA COMMUNE EST, MONTRÉAL, QC – 514 392-1649

Contemporary flavours on old St. Paul Street—it’s refined, French-inspired and market-fresh. The intimate ambiance, accented by a working fireplace and impressive glass wine cellar, is a fixture in Hôtel Nelligan, Montreal’s most chic getaway.
100, RUE SAINT-PAUL OUEST, MONTRÉAL, QC – 514 788-4000

More than a restaurant: an institution. Quality cuts, cooked to perfection for almost three decades. All beef is AAA Canadian Certified and aged for at least 30 days. Situated directly on St. Paul Street in a beautiful, century-old structure. Inside, you’re greeted by old stone walls, wood floors, cozy fireplaces and an attentive staff.
39, RUE SAINT-PAUL EST, MONTREAL, QC – 514 866-3175

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