Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Although I'm such a sucker for colorful outfits, from time to time, I can appreciate a good old black-on-black, monochrome look. Flash back to Miami SWIM Week 2014, back in July, where I wore this total black ensemble mixing brands, trends and textures, for an optimal sporty-chic look. I paired one of my Nike sports bra to this pencil skirt I got myself at Zara, during my trip to Stuttgart in Germany last Summer. This sort of create dfor me a pretty good chic/sporty ration and the only thing left for me to do, was to accessorize the whole thing accordingly !

My beloved Le Château black strappy sandals with gold-pleated heels finally made the cut after debating for days whether I should wear high heels or sneakers with that outfit. So, I referred to my old rule: Earlier lower, later higher ;) Since I was heading to my shows of the night, I opted for the stilettos and definitely ended up not regretting my choice at all. I believe, looking back at these images, that this outfit really was top notch ! On the jewelry-side, I decided to complement my outfit with the most delicate pieces from my Pandora jewelry collection, preferring silver and black tones, as you might have noticed. I wish I had a close-up of this gorgeous Pandora 'Mi Amor' black onyx pendant necklace because it really is a true beauty; one of a kind. I was actually quite surprised to find out, later on, that it was discontinued from Pandora's current collection since it was such a true favourite of mine.

My Marc Coblen black-on-black boyfriend watch and this cool perforated leather duffle bag from Topshop Canada (which has been following me all around since I got it!) added on to the sportier side of this outfit and completed my look that day.

How do you personally conciliate sporty and chic ?


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