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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hey guys ! So here are a few updates from the beginning of the new year- I have just made it to Miami and of the next 10 days I will be staying at the Grand Beach Hotel Surfside, cousin to the Grand Beach Miami in Miami Beach, where Karl and I stayed at the same time last year. I was totally looking forward to this trip, partly since Miami is one of my favourite U.S. destinations, but most importantly because this trip marks my return to the traveling scene, which I have been missing like crazy since October 2014 and for which I have a strong appreciation ! 

Just feeling so incredibly blessed to be on-the-go again ;) And for 2015, we have so many amazing trips prepared and I cannot wait to share all of these new experiences with you guys. I feel like my biggest challenge, until May 2015 (when I will finally be graduating!), will be to manage both University and the blog, as I am preparing myself to be out of the country much more than I've ever had to. I want to be able to keep up with the good work I do with PBTH, as well as to keep up my grades so I remain on top of my game for my very last finals. So exciting to actually be writing these words; my last final exams !

As for this trip, so far it's been really good to me; a little be more about leisure than business but hey, do not worry, when the time comes, I'm all about business and I have such amazing content prepared for you guys for the next upcoming days. Here's my wish list for this Miami stay, anything I should add-on ? Make sure to let me know and to connect with me via Twitter and Instagram, using my usual hashtag #PBinMiami ;) See you online !

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