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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lately, some of you guys have been emailing me quite a fun question and I thought, since you were a bunch who wanted to know, that I’d openly share my answer with everyone on the blog… How do I filter ? Laugh. What a unusual question, right ?! I’ve actually never thought about it but I do have my own little filter routine and I’m pretty sure everybody does, sort of. 

Mine’s pretty simple; I love all-things bright and illuminated. With the re-branding of PBTH last September, the creation of my new Instagram page last December and my recent fun partnership with Snapchat which I announced last week, I have been confronted to a very important matter in terms of digital imaging and that is, what do people like like see and how do they want to see it. You know how they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words ? Pretty accurate indeed, especially nowadays with the advent and expansion of the digital world. So with time, I have started to put a lot of effort into trying to figure out what would you guys like to see on PBTH and so far, I have had so much positive response ! 

If you are following me on Instagram and appreciate my aesthetic and digital creativity, here’s how to achieve the exact same lighting and contrast I apply on most of my pictures…

First, note that I always start with a normal filter feature. I don’t really like the one’s Instagram is providing because none of it seems very natural to me. That said, from time to time, I’ll use one of the pre-made filters my lovely Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea created for the Looksee app, my ultimate favourite being the ‘Perfect Selfie’ filter ;) So, starting with a normal canvas, I go straight to the Brightness custom feature and set it somewhere close to 40% brighter (varies to taste).

Then, I jump straight to the Highlights custom feature and set somewhere close to 40% brighter as well. This basically is my go-to luminosity setting for most of my work.

Back to the Contrast custom feature which I usually set somewhere between 15% and 25% of a darker contrast, to accentuate shapes and darken alreadydark coloured features such as my hair, for instance.

Off to the Shadows custom feature which I like to set up to 20% of a darker shadow effects (-20% that is). You’ll immediately see if you bring the Shadows setting up, your image will get lighter. Bring it down, and it’ll give you that extra structural shadow that makes pictures look more HD.

I then finish off my images with some adjustments to the Highlights and sometimes to the Warmth custom features. In this case, I highlighted even more my picture so it would appear very bright and sunny ! And here’s how I usually rule my Instagram filters and overall digital aesthetic !

Was this what you expected for my social media digital imaging ? Do you have any personal filter routine of your own ?

I was wearing
Zara skirt (similar here)
Shals statement necklace (similar here)

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