Cult of Beauty

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy happy Sunday night East Coast ! What are you guys up to tonight ?

I, on my part, am spending my Sunday just as I like; cooking dinner for Karl & I, enjoying a nice glass  of red wine, updating the blog and getting ready to watch two new episodes of our cult (pun intended!) TV series, Poirot, starring English actor David Suchet as the infamous directive. Karl and I absolutely love his work and getting to sit back, relax and enjoy the show is definitely part of our weekend routine. Notice how I cleverly used the work 'cult' to describe our beloved TV show ? 

Tonight I want to talk to you about a new *cult* of beauty I have been indulging in lately… Swarovski crystal embellished sunwear, that is ! I got this very peculiar pair from The Crystal Cult (now you get it!), an online destination for all-things sparkly and glittering.

** Disclosure: This website also contains a 18+ department so make sure you're at least 18 of age to browse that specific section. Many thanks ! **

So, all-things sparkly and glittering, was I saying (scratch that, writing!), and just the perfect place to get yourself some great luxuriant and totally gushing sunnies, set with pure Austrian stones. And the best part..? The Crystal Cult sunglasses are as glamorous as they are affordable ! From a cocktail party to baking with your babes, the brand allows you to give your highly stylish fashionista a brand new take on femininity, fun and flirt. The pair I am sporting of these images is called the " Betty's " and is introducing a line of handmade luxury rhinestone sunglasses, followed by other favourite's of mine (and I'll get a chance to share it with you more in depth later this week!), the " Julie's ", the " Kate's " and the  " Veronica's " ;)

Whether you are picking out the perfect present or just want a little everyday sparkle, The Crystal Cult delivers a little luxury with a big bang and that's exactly what I like about it !

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  1. I like your sunglasses and nails!

    1. Thanks Tanya ! The bolder the better, right ?



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