Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend is here !

I feel like this week has been endless; always something more to do, some more calls to take, some more people to meet with, some more papers to turn in… And the most crazy part of all this is that, this was only the first week of the semester ! What am my gonna do during midterms and finals ? This really makes me feel out of control which I really hate. I guess I just like being on top of my game, I mean, who doesn't anyway ? 

One thing that actually makes me feel better about not owning up to my busy schedule from time to time would be dressing the part. I love dressing up like a GIRL BOSS, truly, and there are certain garments, certain pieces of clothing that are just so empowering, it makes me want to get up, grab life with both hands and head towards my very own destiny. To me, it's all about boyfriend denim's. I just LOVE a good boyfriend jeans and these from Shop the 26th Look definitely have the perfect fit for my body type. See, I used to believe boyfriend's, like skinny's, were a tall and slim girl thing… But how did it get it so wrong ? There is actually nothing sexier, I believe, than woman embracing her natural curves with with a slim fit jeans or a super casual, ripped oversize pair of denim's.

Lately, boyfriend's and blazer has been my go-to look for going out in style. I like that I can barely wear anything underneath this oversize blazer without looking like I'm straight from 'Vulgaria' ;) There's is nothing I love more than a little bit of back lace lingerie underneath such masculine pieces. Does that make any sense to you guys ? And then, I completed my 'boyfriend' look with some black stripy stilettos, a black-on-black Marc Coblen watch, my Michael Kors leather chain wallet and some Pandora bracelet sets.

How do you go boyfriend ?


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