Beach Walk

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last week in Miami Beach, in my Toxic Sadie 'Pia' Brazilian bikini.

I don't think I have ever mentioned this swimsuit on the blog and yet, it was sent to me at the very beginnings of PBTH (formerly Petite Brunette en Talons Hauts). Unfortunately, I had never found time to shoot it properly, in front of such a heavenly beachy scenery but this recent trip to Miami truly inspired me into getting back in my perfect brazilian suit and strike a few modely poses amongst these crystal clear waves ;)

I say it often, I'm no supermodel but I do like to have fun while shooting and this Toxic Sadie bikini really is a blast. I mean, after all, Toxic Sadie believes that every woman is unique so celebrate it, shall we ?! I am totally obsessed with the perfect brazilian fit of this suit, featuring a low-rise bikini bottom with beaded details on each sides and a nice rushed detail on the back. The top part offers a whole lot comfort for a triangle bikini top and, not having the smallest breast out there, I know how triangle's can be tricky from time to time. I particularly like the tiny metal ring joining both parts of the bikini top which brings a sexier feel to the whole suit. And for more, let's say, safety(!), Toxic Sadie's 'Pia' Brazilian bikini features two double straps, also allowing us to wear it multiple ways. I went for the conventional way but their website actually showcases many variant for this type of swimsuit but I must say I am particularly fond of this way too.

When it comes to colours, because of my tanned skin tone, I am a weakness for bright coloured swimwear which stands out more than neutral's. I still enjoy a nice peach pearly suit or something darker deep red or black, but brighter colours such as this one (comes in Ocean!) totally are the way to my heart !

I highly recommend checking out Toxic Sadie's regular line which features unbelievably cool and fun suits for a fairly okay price; we're talking here about a range from $79,00 to $149,00, which to me is fine if I am looking for a quality, trendy and good-looking swimsuit that isn't branded by any of the big swimwear designers such as Zimmermann, Michael Kors, Mara Hoffman, and so on… Some people might find it too pricy though, which is why I would recommend heading over to their Brazilian line, ranging from $69,00 to $89,00. Either way, just know you will me making a smart purchase there ;)

Pssst ! When ordering online, enter code TS20 at checkout to save up 20% OFF !

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