Winter Uniform

Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter is officially here ! I couldn't be happier for the homecoming of the cold season as it is one I particularly affectionate. And with Winter break, which just started this weekend for me, I'll get to go back on the slopes and on the ice rink, indulge in decadent dark chocolate hot cocoa, wear cozy oversized knits and leg warmers, and all other things wintery ! I had the pleasure of attending K-Swiss Spring-Summer 2015 press preview a little while ago and got these perfect white-on-white 'Court Style' sneakers as an early Christmas present from the team. I've been meaning to wear them since but the insane amount of snow we got here in Montreal simple wouldn't allow it… So last Sunday, as it had miraculously stopped snowing for a few days, the roads and sidewalks were cleared and I got to shoot in my new babies ;)

We took these pictures as a part of my latest digital campaign with My Clique, for which I am now a Brand Ambassador and Digital Influencer. Missed that awesome news ? Head over here for all the details ! I was particularly eager to build this outfit around my new white K-Swiss sneakers (for the reasons I previously stated!) and so, opted for an all-white look with a touch of grey and some off-white accessories. I am a firm believer in the mix & matching of neutral tones, especially when it comes to the whites. I paired my sneakers to my favourite pair of white denim's, which I got from GUESS last season, and to the most adorable white sweater featuring a washed out-like sketch of an owl, found in my Mother's closet. Quite frankly, this cashmere sweater truly is everything and I feel so extremely lucky to have spotted it from a pile of old mom stuff ;)

Over my shoulders, to kind of break the all-white vibe going on (and because, well, it is Winter!), I put on the windowpane grey coat Topshop Canada has sent me to wear during London Fashion Week, back in September, which reminds me I haven't shared with you guys all of my optics from LFW ! Stay tuned for my full recap within the next weeks. I love this coat because it is light and easy to pair with pretty much anything. And if you haven't caved in the windowpane trend yet, well then, give this lil' guy a try, you won't be disappointed ! An Isabel Marant off-white cashmere scarf paired to a gold detailed nylon scarf from Zara (yup! I'm wearing two scarves on the pictures!) completed this look, along with my beloved Furla soft white Saffiano leather mini 'Jucca' tote, unearthed on a previous stay in New York earlier this year.

What are you planning on doing this Winter ?


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