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Sunday, December 7, 2014

I've been recurrently telling you guys about Karl & I's plans to move to the City in the next years and lately, it seems like this somewhat banal idea that crossed our minds about two years ago now, has grown into something that became a lot more tangible. I believe one of the reasons why our plans have materialized so quickly is because we took the decision of spending, every year, as much time as we could in Manhattan, to learn more and more about this city and to start finding our way around more easily. Thing is, we're not just going to be moving from a city to another one; we're going to be switching countries and we'll eventually become American ourselves ! This is so overwhelming and so exciting at the same time, and I can feel how close we are from this short-term goal of ours.

I particularly LOVE the City during the Holidays ! The entire island is covered in snow and filled with flashing lights and the most divine Christmas feel, accentuated by all of my favourite stores displaying their Holiday collections and… Sales ;) What better way to officially kick off the season than by taking advantage of all the shopping New York City has to offer, right ? It would be pretty accurate to say that Karl & I definitely are people of habits and, whenever we take a few days off our schedules to go to New York, we like to stay at places we already know and enjoy. Two luxury NYC hotels are, as a matter of fact, getting into the Holiday spirit with specially curated offers in honor of Shopper's Week from December 9-13. Here are two pretty good accommodation options, if you happen to stay in the City anytime soon...  

Upper West Side gem, the Hotel Belleclaire, a Triumph Hotel, is celebrating Shopper's Week with a Hey Sugar Lookin' Good (formerly Gilly's Organics) pop up shop from December 9-12, where guests and New Yorkers alike can come gift shopping and stock up on jewelry, accessories and organically delightful bath goodies. Hotel Belleclaire is also featuring a Shopper's Week package including:

- Welcome Champagne in room upon arrival
- Appointment with a Shopping Concierge
- 10% discount on Hey Sugar Lookin' Good (formerly Gilly's Organics) products, which will also be sold in the lobby from Dec 9-12
- Transportation to the NYC shopping destination of your choice via Clique Cars
- Rates starting at $309

I've had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel Belleclaire quite a few times and I have never been disappointed. I just love the property so much and the quality of service and general at-home feeling of the place simply is unbeatable. I strongly recommend staying at the Belleclaire if you happen to be in NYC this month, or really, at anytime of the year !

250 W 77th St
New York, NY 10024
United States


The Surrey Hotel

The Surrey Hotel, a posh Upper East Side hotel, is ringing in the holiday season and Shopper's Week with a special partnership with iconic clothing brand VINCE, featuring:

- An in-room consultation with a VINCE stylist or private appointment completed with Champagne
- Extended store hours upon request
- Complimentary messenger service to hotel room or home
- 25% discounts on merchandise for guests of The Surrey

Karl & I are absolutely fond of SoHo and the Upper West Side, and we're definitely considering buying something in either one of those two neighbors. However, I personally have a soft spot for the Upper West Side which I think is way more representative of my everyday lifestyle and tastes in terms for neighborhoods. When I'm traveling to New York on my own, I like to stay in a hotel located in that area of Manhattan and The Surrey Hotel is one of them. Very well situated between 5th St. and Madison's, The Surrey is home to authentic service, cultural inspiration and singular experiences at every visit. They have one of the most renown Spa in Manhattan (the Cornelia's!) and caters to every single culinary needs one could ever experience with their unique twist on time-honored French cuisine at Café Boulud. A must, if you are looking for a timeless, charming residency in NYC for a couple of days of even a few weeks !

20 E 76th St
New York, NY 10021
United States


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  1. The photos look amazing. New York is such a beautiful city, I would love to go there in the near future.

    Eea P


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