On the 8th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me...

Monday, December 8, 2014

A complete set of K6 Skin Care Essentials Collection ! Whether you are dealing with a skin problem or you simply want to look your very best, K6 Skin Care wants to provide products that are natural, gentle, and effective. They aren't driven by making their clients look artificially young, rather to look healthy, vibrant, and youthful at every age ! K6 Skin Care Essentials Collection is a complete skin care system in 3 stellar products: clean, preserve and reveal.

Clean is a 100% vegan, organic, and natural based antioxidant cleanser that nourishes all skin types without stripping it of its natural moisture barrier. Light foaming, non-toxic mild cleansers gently remove dirt, make-up, and oils while botanicals and nutrients work to reduce inflammation, fight free radical damage and signs of aging, leaving your skin clean and smooth.

Preserve is an anti-aging moisturizer, combining three clinically proven systems, along with botanicals and nutrients that protect the youthfulness of your skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Reveal is a vegan, organic active enzyme peel that is a safe and natural way to exfoliate dead skin cells with no harsh chemicals, leaving skin smooth, polished, and radiant !

Formulated to address the 6 key benchmarks of healthy skin, K6 Skin Care’s Essentials Collection is the answer for naturally minded people, especially those with hyper-sensitive skin.

* Current retail value of $90,00 *

To enter the contest:

1) Make sure you are following both K6 Skin Care and myself on INSTAGRAM !

2) Then, leave a comment on the IG giveaway post and #regram it so we know who entered the contest properly.

3) Cross fingers & hope to win !

** The K6 Skin Care giveaway contest will end on December 11th, at noon (GMT-5) **

Good luck ;)


  1. I would love to try these products, great post.

    Eea P

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