Michael Kors New Year's Wishlist

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

With 2015 getting closer, I joined forces with Michael Kors to bring to you, just in time for the New Year, my ultimate wish list, including my top four pieces to own for the Holidays ! These are four pieces and accessories I absolutely adored from the Fashion house's 2104 collections and that have become my day-to-night essentials, being so incredibly modern-chic & timeless. If you have been reading PBTH for a little while now and appreciate my personal style and aesthetic, you might have a soft spot for these four items as they truly represent the essence of my style and sense of Fashion;

In these images we shot out on the country-side, I'm actually wearing a piece that is now sold out, but was SO popular that Michael Kors decided to design a few similar styles. Among them, this silver detailed shoulders jumpsuit, featuring chain-mesh cap sleeves and a fluid draping below the waist, is one of a kind, offering both comfort and style reunited into one single garment. As I stated in my Edit, jumpsuits are the ultimate cold-season outfit because their trendy, fashionable and keeping you warm from shoulders to ankles ;) Psssst, this one-piece also comes in Navy/Gold, for a more sailor-glam feel !

In my opinion, every single proud Canadian girl should own fur pieces ! For personal reasons, I prefer indulging in faux-fur (as seen on these pictures!), as it is an eco-friendly, fun and clever alternative to glam-ing up any outfit without harming our wild-life neighbors. When it comes to the whole real versus faux fur debate, I really am more of a 'pro-choice' minded person; it mostly depends on your values and how comfortable AND aware you are about animal fur. For instance, I am a really big fan of Montreal-based brand Harricana by Mariouche, which has been designing my winter coats for years now. The eco-luxe Fur house uses 100% certified recycled fur and by doing so, have saved the lives of more than 800,000 animals over the past 15 years. That being said, Michael Kors carries a very large selection of real and faux-fur pieces, each more divine than the others !

Now, Michael Kors collection of 'Jet Set' travel mini bags has been one of my favourite discoveries of 2014, in terms of functional Fashion. I mean, is there really anything more convenient than this little guy, right here ? Even though I am a well-organized person, I tend to forget stuff and forget about stuff at times and there is nothing more frustrating than losing a phone or a wallet somewhere, only because yo have too much on your mind. Carrying around all my things, especially when I'm traveling, has been a great source of stress for me in 2014. With only the help of this leather chain wallet, I'm back to being confident about staying on top of my game and I'm more efficient than ever, while on the go !

Last but not least- and if you know me well, you probably already knew I had to have a pair of pumps in my New Year's Wishlist- Michael Kors infamous T-Strap high-heel sandals have been my personal most-worn footwear type in 2014 ! This is really something I like about the brand, they constantly re-invent themselves but still manage to keep they're best-sellers and signatures pieces in the center of the action. I don't know how many T-Strap sandals I have owned from Michael Kors in my life, but I will always keep buying them, until they no longer cater to my meticulous search for quality, style and comfort. In the pictures, I'm wearing an older style, detailed with gold hues. Definitely more festive than the all-black 'Francoise' then again, sometimes less is more, is not it ?!

If I had to add a fifth favourite of mine to this Edit, it would certainly have been my beloved Michael Kors 'Reagan' silver-tone watch, which I am not wearing in these pictures because it is currently being repaired at my jeweler. If you like my Michael Kors flavored New Year's wish list, you can shop it right here, or you can create your own via MichaelKors.com. Also don't forget to register to Michael Kors Jet Set shop #InstaKors to be able to shop the entire collection right from the coziness of your Instagram account ;) To follow the brand, it's right here and to follow myself, it's over there !

Happy New Year everyone, keep on shining bright !


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