INSTAGRAM UPDATES: So my account has been hacked, what now?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Hey everyone ! Hope everybody's enjoying their Thursday so far. Mine started off a little rough, may I say, but hey, let's not loose that positive spirit, the weekend is only a day away ;) What I wanted to discuss with you today definitely isn't as light and perky as my usual topics here on PBTH… I was informed this morning that my Instagram account had been hacked !

Hacked, you red right.

I have to say, I had been noticing a few changes in the past weeks such has new accounts I was all of a sudden following but could never recall when I actually followed them, as well as the other way around. In fact, I had to explain myself to a bunch of blogger friends/brands I'm currently working with, who thought I had unfollowed them for no reason, which was quite embarrassing and frankly, a bit awkward of a conversation to have in the first place. So yeah, I was suspicious but never really did anything about it… Until, earlier this morning, I woke up to a rather normal account which, only a few minutes later, started decreasing and increasing (in terms of following base) inexplicably. 

At first, I thought it was all about that new Instagram update with the app warning us about a potential change in our subscribers numbers because of the insane amount of fake Instagram accounts spamming everyone. But very quickly I realized that something was in fact, wrong with my account and I doubt Instagram would simply play around, up and down with one's following base, only to remove the tiny bits of spam from its account. Does that make any sense to you at all ?

At least, some good news; I rapidly got in touch with Instagram you seemed to already be aware of the situation and we are currently working on getting it back on track. One possible end would actually be for me to have it fully removed from the app and start another account which would really be a pain in the a**, if you ask me. All these memories will be lost ! Fashion Weeks, travels, parties, events, friendships, ALL OF IT ! This is so unfair… And I guess the worst part would be that it might in fact, be all my fault. I'm the one who repeatedly uses the same passwords over an over again for everything, leaves my accounts open on every single device I use, shares personal info with people I'm close to, which are all sort of things every social networks advises you NOT to do. How's that for a wakeup call, huh ?!

So my advice, if this situation ever happens to you ? Find help right away. People at Instagram are super competent and used to deal with this type of situation all the time. I keep my fingers crossed that they will find a solution that doesn't involve deleting my former account. That said, if this is the only solution, I guess I'll just have to jump right back into it and pursue what I have been doing these past two years or so. I want to thank in advance everybody who'll stand by me trough this and I will not let this get in the way of my dear Holiday season !

To be continued…

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