C'est la Fête !

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A couple of week's ago, I had the pleasure of attending for the fourth year in a row, the Ogilvy en Fête Charity Gala, to benefit the Sainte-Justine's Hospital for Children's Foundation. I can't wait to tell you all about the amazing night we had but first, here's a little more about what I wore for the event… Back in 2009, when I graduated from Boarding School, my mother took me out shopping to find myself the perfect graduation outfit. I stumble upon this dress from a brand who is very close to my heart, Carven, and simply couldn't take my eyes off of it. So I bought it, brought it home with me and graduated in style, along with all of my girlfriends and dorm mates, surrounded by love and unconditional friendship !

Two year's later, when I graduated from prep school and was enrolling into Law School, I decided I would sell my beautiful LBD to earn some extra money to properly furnish and decorate my very first apartment on the campus of Ottawa U. Thing is, I would probably never have the occasion, nor the opportunity to wear it again so might as well make a few (or a lot more!) bucks out of it ;) And then, a little while ago, when I was first introduced to Kookopa, an online community which allows women to rent or lend designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from/to each other (I told you a little bit about it here!), I spotted my beautiful dress, not the actual dress I used to own, but the same style, same model, same colour and same size. I couldn't resist the envy to get it for myself and to wear it one last time.

So I did.

I have to say, one of the best thing about having the opportunity and great joy of wearing it again, is to look at the way I styled it here, and how I used to style it back then… It is just so different ! A few years ago I was way more girly, I would wear bows in my hair, colorful accessories à la Gossip Girl, and a bit of a dramatic make-up for my age at the time ;) But hey, I was enjoying Fashion as much as I am today, only with a slightly different approach to it. Then again, I managed to keep a little touch of my old-self for the big night, pairing my little black Carven dress to my favourite headband. Among all of the accessories I used to own back then, headbands were my true signature's and I have owed quite a few. This one means so much to me in a few ways I couldn't necessarily explain to you guys. It is simply quite reminiscent of very personal and private moments of my life I deeply cherish and would appreciate to keep for myself. One thing I can tell you about it that I pursued my quest of finding it right after Blair Waldorf gave Jenny Humphrey a similar one in the season finale of Gossip Girl, season 2. So yeah, this is probably something you didn't really know about, nor expect from me but I have to admit it; I once was a hardcore GG fan.

Cue, eye-roll.

On the night of Ogilvy en Fête's 5th edition, I decided to braid my hair and pin it to the back of my head so it would get into my face too much. The headband was the final touch to my hair prep and I absolutely love the sophisticated and polished look it gave me ! Since the dress wasn't as long as when I wore it on my graduation day (I figured I've grown a few inches since!), I thought wearing it along with a pair of over-the-knee suede stiletto boots would add just the right amount of sexiness to it. After all, I am a lot older today ;) A few black and gold rings and bangles, along with a nice mani from Guerlain's new Holiday 'Coque D'Or' colour lacquer, and a pearl-detailed evening bag completed my look.


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  1. Those over the knee boots are to die for! Stunning.

    Eea P


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