BEAUTY STOP: My Easy 4-Steps Winter Skin Care Routine

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Following my recent Philips Pure Radiance 30-days skin transformation challenge, I've been receiving tons of emails about the actual skin care routine I indulge in twice-daily, on top of using my new skin cleansing device. I explained it briefly over here but it would be my pleasure to break it down for you this morning in 4 quick and easy steps ! This routine literally takes me about 5 to 10 minutes top! and is effective on every skin types. I feel like this article really shows how little time you actually need to properly clean and treat your skin, as opposed to popular belief, and that yes, sometimes, less do is more ;) So let's get down to it…

First and foremost, a good skin care routine always starts with the basis, cleansing, and this really is the MOST important steps of all four ! Especially if you are someone who wears a lot of make up, like myself, you want to make sure that it is all removed before starting to treat your skin, so it can properly absorb all of the good nutriments and essential good products that you're putting on it.

Whenever I have make up on, even if it's the simplest thing like a BB Cream and some mascara, I like to use an oil-based make up remover and cotton pads to remove as much as I can. It is then easier for your skin cleanser to do the work afterwards ! Using oil-based products has always been one of my key-tricks to achieve a soft and replenished skin because it doesn't strip away the natural oils that are already on my skin and nourishes it at the same time. I prefer these to any type of oil-free make up removers because of their ability to break down the products without irritating the skin, which is a MUST during Winter.

For those of you you might be worried of using oil-based products because of acne prone skin or simply oily skin problems, I have good news for you ! Using oil-based products won't make it more oily; in fact, skin creates excess sebum and natural oil overload in reaction to dryness and dehydration. If you balance your skin with good moisturizing and nourishing products daily, it'll simple normalize it.

I end up this first step by cleaning my now makeup-free skin with Sothys Paris Vitality cleansing milk for a gentle, deeper clean. When I'm done, I simply rinse off the cleansing milk with a wet washing cloth and my skin is ready for step #2 !

Once my skin is all rinsed off and dry, I apply Sothys Paris Vitality tonic lotion all over my face with the help of a cotton pad and let it dry for about a minute. Now, you want to be careful with which brand of toner you are using because some of them contain a lot of desiccating ingredients such as alcohol which will dry out your skin way more than replenish it. Therefore, you want to find a tonic lotion that as none of slim-to-none alcohol in it to treat your skin the right way ! Sothys Paris has a few amazing skin care lines and a great variety of toners that are all alcohol and fragrance-free.

Up next, using another cotton pad, I apply Sothys Paris clarifying correcting serum on some specific areas of my face (T-zone, chin, nose) to reduce excess oil and minimize breakouts. Treating your skin is  another very important step of any skin care routine however, I wouldn't say it is mandatory. For instance, I only treat my skin with clarifying serum two to three times a week, when needed. I do it to prevent breakouts, reduce redness and get an even skin tone. But when I feel like my skin doesn't need it, I don't apply any and that is something that's very important to remember; putting more product on your skin than what it actually needs won't help it at all. It'll irritate it more and can cause plenty of other skin reactions we'd much love to avoid !

Finally, depending on the time of the day, I put on a day/night moisturizing cream to replenish my skin and keep it hydrated for at least 12 hours. I think the challenge here is to find a moisturizer that won't feel greasy or heavy on the skin but that'll still be effective in terms of hydration ! I personally invest a lot in my skin care products so I own a few moisturizing cream that I like to alternate once in a while...

In the morning, I generally like to use an SPF 25 or 30 sunscreen which will protect my skin from the negative impacts of UVA, UVB and infrared rays. My two favourite products at the moment are Yon-Ka Paris medium protection sunscreen cream and Institut Esthederm sea and tropics sun care cream. Both brands offer my skin a really good, balanced hydration and sun protection coming in light and sweet scented formulas, but still are fragrance-free. Their formula is in fact so light, it takes my skin about 5  minutes to absorb it fully and feel replenished and moisturized, without the greasy feel of shiny finish !

When I'm heading to bed, I either like to use Kinara's Nighttime skin quencher exfoliating hydrator to sort of pack my skin with the good stuff, or Vichy's Normaderm Night Detox gelly formula to purify my skin overnight. Kinara's Nighttime skin quencher really is my got-to night cream for whenever my skin feels dry or tense, and needs a little extra care to rebuild strength ;) The formula includes a blend of natural extracts including green tea, sugar cane, rice bran, soy protein and multifruit BSC to increase product penetration, and chamomile to provide added skin-soothing benefits. Vichy's Normaderm Night Detox is an anti-imperfections clarifying care, with detoxifying and purifying double-edged technology which helps control excess sebum and reduce imperfections. I'd say this one tends to make the skin a little bit more dry so I only use it once every two days to clear my skin from impurities. Every other day, I'll just go for the Kanara's moisturizing miracle formula ;)

* Every product I use from Sothys Paris skincare line can be purchased at Éveil des Sens Spa Urbain *

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