BEAUTY STOP: Layering Eye Shadows

Monday, December 8, 2014

I usually don't wear much make-up, especially on my eyes. It's just not my style. However, for very special occasions like Christmas, New Year's Eve, my birthday or Fashion Week season, I like to do more intense eye make-ups for an extra oomph people won't expect coming from me ! Guerlain has recently launched a limited edition Holiday beauty collection that simply is divine and, lucky me!, I have had the chance to play around with it a little, only to discovers all of the great things we can actually do with it. The collection includes the Coque d’Or perfumed shimmer powder, the Météorites Perles d’Étoiles illuminating pearls, the Écrin 2 Couleurs eyeshadow duo palette, two new voluptuous lipgloss formulas called the Gloss d’Enfer Maxi Shine, two mettalics nail lacquers, the new deep red Rouge G de Guerlain nail lacquer and the infamous Petrouchka Palette for eyes & cheek.

I find the overall collection perfect for my skin tone because it consists in rich neutrals and a lot of gold and tanned metallic's, which don't necessarily suit every complexion. The Petrouchka Palette is probably my favourite cosmetic from the entire collection because I believe it's the only one everyone could easily wear. It features five shades of sheer iridescent eye shadows, from champagne to coppery brown, for brightening up the eyes. Underneath, you'll find four matte and iridescent blushes that may be worn alone or layered together (the fresh pink and coral shades revive the cheeks, while the rosewood and brown shades perfectly sculpt the cheeks). The eye shadows are particularly fun to play with and the very specific pigmentation of each colour allows you to re-create ANY type of beauty looks.

Here I went for a rather natural sultry look I like to sport during the Holidays. It isn't too heavy but at the same time, really brightens my face and accentuates my eyes. I started off by creating a radiant, even skin tone to work on with the help of my beloved Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau foundation and concealer moisturizing skin-fusion duo. I find the whole thing creates a pretty natural base to work on afterwards. I did my eyebrows as per usual, using the darkest shade of brown in my Petrouchka Palette. Then, the real challenge began…

1) Over an eye shadow primer I had previously applied on, I covered my entire eyelids with the champagne shade (2nd one from the top!), making sure I reached out to my brow bones for more definition. 

2) I switched from the champagne pigments to the plain gold's (middle shade!) and brushed it off on my lids, starting from halfway to the outsides. It is very important not to cover the champagne shade, but to blend the the colours together !

3) I finished up my eye make-up by layering the copper shade (second to last one!) on the outside of my lids, using an angled shadow brush to create a nice wing on each sides. This widens my naturally round eyes and subsequently makes it look less dewey ;) I applied the copper shade on the edges of my lids and then, brought it all the way back to the inner corner of my eyes, following my brow bones to create dimension. Final step, blend away, so it looks very natural !

4) I also used a dark brown eyeliner to line up the bottom of my eyelids (right above my upper lashes!) to sort of fix my look and give it this deeper perspective. One or two coats of mascara and you are good to go !

Make Up by Guerlain's Night at the Opera collection

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  1. Guerlain products are amazing. This palette looks so great.

    Eea P


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