Nonchalant Neutrals

Sunday, November 30, 2014

There is an interesting duality in the way I usually spend my weekends; I like to get all cozy and dress super casual but I actually devote most of my free time to work. Thing is, I find a lot of peace and serenity coming from blogging. As a writer, I write for a living but I also live for writing. It pretty much makes sense to assume that I could be some sort of a workaholic ;) Don't get me wrong, I don't splurge into work until I can't manage to keep my eyes open and I never let it get the best of me. I simply enjoy working and wouldn't trade my current occupations for the world !

Yesterday, Karl and I drove to the lake house to spend some time with his family since we couldn't all get together for Thanksgiving. After indulging in what must certainly have been the biggest dinner of the year, we sat back to relax and watch what is now part of our Thanksgiving traditions: Planes, Trains & Automobiles. A classic ! This morning, I had to wake up super early to get back on track with my weekend to-do-list. On top of it, a new shoot with two new awesome pieces I got from Kookopa. If you don't already know the website, it is an online community which allows women to rent or lend designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from/to each other. It basically would be like having tons of fashionable friends with straight access to their closets ! 

Pretty interesting indeed.

I recently got myself this unbelievably comfortable 3.1 Phillip Lim beige oversized nubby knit coat which happens to be PERFECT for the irregular weather we get here in Montreal. While it started snowing again about two days ago, this morning is was almost 8°C outside ! This knit vest is warm and cozy enough for running errands or go to the market, but still light enough to be worn inside as loungewear. I also love that it features a casually overlapping front for an extra touch of laid back feel ;) The second item I got from Kookopa is this little purse from one of Rebecca Minkoff's past collections. I just love the neutral tones mixed with such a bright colour as yellow and the geometric cuts make it timeless and super easy to wear on any occasion. Quite the perfect little accessory to pair with my Just Fab nude suede peep-toe booties, my Paradise Mine black skinny jeans (my favourite pair of skinnies!) and a simple beige tank top.

I like to look at it as my last ode to Fall season !


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