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Monday, November 17, 2014

With Karl being away (in NYC) for a couple of days, I took the decision to enjoy a nice weekend of personal retreat, far away from Montreal. I figured this would help me focusing mainly on PBTH for a little while, before the big rush of the end of the semester. There is so much going on right now, you can't even imagine ! It literally feels like torture not to be able to reveal everything to you guys but trust me, anticipation will make it even better ;) Also, I have tons of surprises in store for the month of December and again, I'm feeling pretty excited to keep it under lock until I finally get to tell you everything.

Speaking of December, I have been awaiting this time of the year forever ! Not only because the Holidays are approaching so fast but also because to me, this means schools off until mid-January. This also means I'll get to start traveling again, which I have been avoiding (to my greatest regrets!) since our West Coast Road Trip, back in October. Thing is, with the Fashion month and everything, I was starting to fall behind, school-wise, and the last thing I would want would be for me to fail any classes. This has never happened to me and PBTH will certainly NOT be the reason it would ! I guess it is pretty hard, sometimes, to balance everything from University, being a full-time student, to the blog (which I'm doing full-time as well!), to my personal relationship with Karl, both our families and friends, gym time, home chores, internships, and so on… I hardly even have time to find a job to fit into this crazy schedule, which I really must do, if I wanna keep living the cool life after I graduate ;)

Life lately has been hectic, overwhelming, tiring, exhausting and, let's say it, quite a bit challenging, but above all… Totally and undeniably exciting ! I have never thought I could achieve so many things and it makes me wanna do more and achieve more. These pictures have been shot just two days ago, perfect timing before our very first snow of the year covered the entire countryside in white. Kind of my last chance to say goodbye to Fall, wearing for the last time I'm assuming, this beloved beige trench coat of unknown provenance. It used to belong to my Mother but she has forgotten where she first got it. Oh well, I just love it anyway ! This has also been my go-to Fall uniform for the past weeks or so, paired with simple black skinny jeans, a random tee, this oversized knit scarf and my Nike x A.P.C. white-on-white sneakers. How has life been lately on you side ?


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