Inside Phillip Lim's Gorgeous NYC Studio

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Short story short - I recently acquired what has become one of my favourite statement pieces to wear this season, a 3.1 Phillip Lim oversized beige knit vest that I pretty much started wearing all the time. I'll get to tell you more about this in about a week or two but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you, on this beautifully white (here in Montreal!) November Sunday morning, an interest of mine I don't often write about on the blog.

Just like everything related to pretty aesthetic, home decor has always been a great pastime of mine and I particularly enjoy getting inspired from set ups and pictures I stumble upon whenever I'm visiting someone or simply, browsing Pinterest. More precisely, I love discovering other people's workspaces and ateliers. As a University student, I have a hard time picturing my workplace looking like anything else than the messy dorm room I used to live in(!), of my Faculty's library at 3:00 in the morning ;) A couple of months ago, when I finally moved into my now almost perfect office at home, I finally felt in control of and way more effective towards all-things PBTH. I understand the importance of having a workspace  that inspires you to do great and be great. I used to think I only needed a desk, some paper and a pen to be able to write but I've come to the realization that inspiration is key. From comfort and ease, comes inspiration and there isn't a place more poised and cozy than your own personalized work environment. 

So today, thanks to Garance and Vogue, we get a peek inside Phillip Lim's dreamy showroom and studio in New York City. I absolutely love the ethereal and minimalistic feel of the place, and how it actually allows the daylight to come in and splurge. Definitely one to be remembered ! Hope I'll get the chance to visit it myself when I'll be back in New York this Winter ;)

If you enjoyed reading this post, you might wanna check this out as my gals Rach Parcell & Whitney Port also own amazing workspaces of their own. Happy happy Sunday everyone !

Pictures via Garance Doré & Vogue

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