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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I won't be having a real-size Christmas tree this year.

Part of it is because now that I live on my own, my new apartment is a bit smaller than the last one and I'm afraid adding a big tree to the equation would take away the already small amount of free space left I have. Another reason why I won't be decorating with a traditional fir-tree is the fact that I travel frequently and therefore, I don't happen to be home as much as I would want, especially during the Holidays. Even thought this is my favourite time of the year, I really don't see the point of spending hours going to the tree market, deciding which one is my favourite and then, managing to bring it back home without creating a whole mess around the place, if I'm not even gonna be there to enjoy it afterwards. But hey, this doesn't mean I want to pull a Christmas With the Krank's (love that movie!) move and completely boycott the Holidays ;) I still want to decorate my home but only this time, with a little moderation.

I came across these fabulous alternative Christmas tree ideas on Pinterest and totally fell for it ! I mean, what could actually be any cuter than DIY-ing your own untraditional Christmas tree ? And fun ! I really love the ones with the lighting and I'm thinking about doing something similar in my living room. Here it is, the magic of the Holidays without the hassle and serious amount of trouble. As I always say, no muss, no fuss ! Anybody else besides me think this is just brilliant ?

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