Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to my wonderful American readers ! Even though we celebrated this Holiday in Canada about a month ago (ironically, while I was in California with Karl!), I still wanted to share a moment with the people supporting from abroad. Fun fact, the United States represent almost 20% of PBTH's entire readership and therefore, comes second place among the 'Traffic by region' stats of the blog ! This is huge guys and I couldn't be anything but so thankful for having you by my side on this journey. Plus, I believe we could definitely use many more occasion to express our gratitude and share away what we're grateful for in life. So yeah, it did make sense for me to want to celebrate Thanksgiving again, along with the beginning of the Holiday season !

Today, I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that has crossed my path over the past years. It really moves me to realize that people appreciate my work and believe in me in such a way. I'm a not going to lie, I do work extremely hard for what I want in life but I feel like at the end, it is really paying off in a way I could not even have imagined ! I have real great news for you guys, fresh out of the oven. As I will be graduating in May, I am super proud (and grateful!) to announce that I have accepted my very first work offer as writer. Working in the editorial industry has always been a dream of mine, especially since I transferred from Law School to Communication Studies & Journalism. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much more about this amazing news since I am not allowed to spill the beans prior to officially taking office as a freelance for the Fashion division of a brand new American magazine, scheduled to be launched in February 2015. This is as much as I can tell you right now but do keep in touch as I'll be able to reveal more in a couple of months ;)

Looking at it from where I stand, I can pretty much picture where I would want to see myself in five years from now. Even ten years. Fifteen at the very best ! I am particularly excited for this work opportunity since I believe it might be a good first step in Karl & I's hope of moving to the U.S. next year. I know I've talked a lot about New York but our recent 'West Coast Road Trip' has opened our eyes on another beautiful city we wouldn't mind living in: Los Angeles. We're trying not to think about it too much for now since there's so many details to sort out before making our big move. I like to think it's somewhere written in the stars for us and I pray with all my heart that our dreams will come true. 

Hope everyone enjoys an amazing and safe Thanksgiving and Holiday weekend, lots of shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday(!), plenty of quality moments with your family and loved ones, and everything you wish for in life !

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