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Friday, November 21, 2014

I often get questioned about what I do in life. People come up to me and ask why I'm always commenting on my daily looks or traveling so much, why I knew what was in a clothing collection before it got release or how do I manage to keep up with school while never actually seem to attend classes. Well, to begin with, I'm part of that generation (Y) who always complains and will probably never settle for less. Do not get me wrong, I'm totally aware of the fact that being new to this industry, I gotta start at the bottom, pay my dues and prove myself. While I don't mind being employed by or working for someone else, I still wanna do things for myself as well ! This is mainly why, a little while after starting my own blog, I envisioned something so much bigger. It could be a business. It could be MY business. I'm basically creating a work opportunity for myself…

The most important thing for would be to always remember where I'm coming from and how it all started. With PBTH being, in 2014, one of the fastest-growing creative outlet in Canada, I get the opportunity to work closely with brands that I love and to discover new faces who are emerging, just like I did about three years ago now. In the industry, we call it working as a digital influencer. But while, from time to time, I'll get asked to be apart of a new initiative or brand campaign, most of my work with PBTH has a lot to do with creative direction. As the artistic and creative director of PBTH, I brainstorm my own stories, do my own researches, write my own texts, edit my own pictures and manage my own digital content. And, that's exactly where being in school comes in handy ! Everything I can do now, I learned at school. Okay, a few things I learned on the field but I couldn't imagine myself not taking advantage of the incredible amount of knowledge University brought and taught me.

Which leads me to tell you a little bit more about what it didn't. Another on of the many hats I carry on at the moment (and the one I'm the most proud of!) would be my work as a brand ambassador. I started of as the voice behind Bath & Body Work's very first digital campaign here in Montreal, then, landed the incredible opportunity to represent the Italian high-end clothing brand, Twin Set by Simona Barbieri, across Canada. Thanks to their amazing team I got to experience my very first blog-related business trip to Milan, which is now one of my favourite Fashion destination. A little while after that, I got to work closely with multiple international brands, some of them being at their first ever work experience with a Quebec-based blogger. Among others, Pandora, FENDI, Marc Coblen and Topshop UNIQUE. The fact that these high-profile companies would allow myself to have a voice and speak on their behalves is very gratifying and motivating. It makes me feel proud to work as a freelance, to be self-made in a way.

So short story short(!), what do I do in life ? I'm learning. I'm learning everyday and I put to try what I have learned. I want to inform people. I want people to be able to rely on me and on my opinion. I want people to see things the way I see it; unconditionally beautiful and astonishing ! Along my years of work among the Fashion industry, I also had the chance to meet inspiring people, every single one of them being career-oriented, just like I believe I am. I couldn't be any prouder of being apart of a generation of young CEOs, self-made individuals and early-years entrepreneurs.

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