Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hey guys ! Just wanted to give you the heads up - I know some of you have been waiting for the pictures of my Custo Barcelona total look to be out, but we're experiencing some troubles with the quality of the images and I just wouldn't want to publish something not worth being published so, bare with me here. I'm pretty sure this will be fixed in a matter of hours so in the meantime, I want to share with you my beauty MUSTS during Fashion Week season. I'm going to focus on NYFW here, because I usually use very specific products depending on where I'm staying. I believe it is all a matter of context, weather, area and, of course, schedule.

Traveling for leisure and traveling for business are two very different contexts. Whenever I'm on vacation, I tend to wear much less makeup and only solar care product lines. When traveling for the blog, during Fashion Month for instance, it is all about skin hydration, good makeup remover and quality skin cleansing products, mostly to fight back skin fatigue due to makeup overload.

The weather is one of the most important factors here because it determines which skin care line I will be bringing along with me, as opposed to another one. When I'm off to sunnier destinations like L.A., Miami, South of France or even Milan during the Summer, I need some extra sun protection and usually go for every single products that has a strong SPF and a good skin regeneration power. If I am traveling to colder destinations like New York or London in the Winter, I generally bring a moisturizing and hydrating skin care line, to protect my skin from getting too dry.

Here, I'm simply being more specific: If I'm staying into a big city like Manhattan, Toronto of Bejing, where there's a lot of pollution, I like using deep skin cleansing tools and products to unclog my pores from all on the impurities it might catch while being outside. If I'm out on the country side like Ogunquit, Santa Monica or the Loire (France), I will opt for light weight formulas that won't necessarily act to strongly on my skin.

Last but not least, my schedule is always different from trip to trip ! I have extremely busy days, more quiet days, sometimes I have to rush from an meeting to another and some other times, I have lunch breaks that can last hours. When I know for sure that my time is limited, I rely on a couple of essentials  I know I like to us and a go-to makeup/beauty routine. When I happen to have some free time of my hand, I like to carry around some travel-size face masks, soothing creams, skin treatment & my Clarisonic skin cleansing device.

Now that we have defined the four factors that influence my travel beauty picks, let's get back to NYFW: Business trip in a rather sunny (as this was back in September!) destination yet, New York is a big city and doesn't exactly stands as pollution-free. During any Fashion Week, my daily schedule goes from very busy to a little busy, with slim to none free time. Therefore, my key essentials involved my Sothys Paris Vitality cleansing milk and tonic lotion duo, made with grapefruit extract, for normal to combination skin, along with what I like to call my mini-miracle in a bottle, my Sothys Paris purifying serum for breakouts and blemishes. Everyday, I wash my face twice (in the morning and before going to bed), one time with my Clarisonic Mia 2 skin cleansing device and the second time, simply with my hands when I shower. To make sure it stays moisturized all-day and all-night, I rely on my Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal skin care line duo consisting of the Dynamic Hydration Power Serum for daytime and the Dynamic Hydration Rich Cream for night time. I also like to use a sunblock of sunscreen as my daily moisturizer so my skin is protected at all times ! Some Clear Eyes eyedrops, a Colorescience setting hydrating mist and my new MIO 'The Activist' firming active body oil completed my beauty essentials this season.

Haircare-wise, I always rely on the Redken Pillow Proof line during Fashion Weeks. It is truly a haircare and styling must every blogger should be using when changing hairstyles and colour so frequently. During that time of the year, I always go hard on my poor hair and the only way I can keep up with the forever evolving hairstyle trends, is by using amazing quality products that will nourish and repair my hair. I also like to use the Bumble & Bumble's (the brand behind Lacoste's SS15 hairstyle!) 'Prêt-à-Powder' volumizing hair powder to give an extra humph! to mine, and the Matrix ExquisiteOil protective treatment by Biolage. This one provides lightweight replenishment for all hair types and, protects and nourishes hair for extra softness and brilliant shine. My favourite hair tools include Conair and Babyliss Pro curling/flatten irons and the Avanti Ultra Tourmaline hairbrushes set.

Are you guys as methodic as I am when it comes to haircare and beauty routine while away from home ?!

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