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Sunday, October 26, 2014

With feminism gaining a stronger voice among the international community, I believe it is important to keep pushing against gender inequality but also against social standards in our everyday lives. When I first heard about Sophie Simmons recent collection launch in collaboration with The Style Club, I knew this was an opportunity for PBTH to bring this important cause forward, using my blog as a digital campaign platform to support the movement. As a woman, Fashion influencer and from time to time, brand ambassador, I could totally relate to Sophie telling me all about how she experienced firsthand the scrutiny of being a young woman in the public eyes. She wanted to be an advocate for female empowerment which inspired her to design a collection for women that encourages self-confidance. Her speech was quite moving but also, extremely  motivating !

As for her collection in itself, I must say I was impressed, of course, but especially proud of such great work. To be able to envision such a collection, to design and put it together piece by piece, to brand it, to market it and to give it a voice, is simply brilliant and demonstrates a great willingness to change perceptions and mentalities. Not to mention, the whole collection is über trendy and is such an eye-candy, especially with the Holidays coming up ! Every piece is named after an influential woman who embodies female empowerment and is a strong role model for girls and women. Among these inspiring women, stand strong political minds such as Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, fierce career and business driven women like Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg and Folorunsho, some of the world's kindest female activist such as Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai and Betty Friedan, and of course, world-renowned female icons like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Austen & Gwen Stefani.

From sequined pencil skirts and vegan python print shorts to classically woven sweaters, the Sophie Simmons x The Style Club collection offers elegant and timeless essential pieces in floral, blush, pearl and charcoal hues. The line is affordably priced, ranging from $25 to $115, and will make every woman feel like SHE is walking the runway. You can purchase your own favourite pieces online right here or via The Style Club. Wish everyone a happy Sunday !

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