My Secret Perfect Off-Summer Tan with Yon-Ka Paris

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As you may have noticed, I'm taking a short break from all of my NYFW content in order to have a little bit more time to blog about beauty stuff and lifestyle experiences. Not that I don't love writing about Fashion but I want PBTH to always be diversified and to reach out to a wider crowd. But hey, do not be sad, Fashion lovers, I still have a LOT(!) of beautiful images and great content to publish on the blog from my recent trips to Miami for SWIM week, New York & London for Fashion Week and the U.S. where I was documenting a West Coast themed road trip with Karl, which I actually just got back from (literally!).

Today, as the Fall season as definitely reached out our doors (especially here in Montreal!), and with Winter, which will be coming up faster than we expect, I wanted to discuss some tips and tricks I came up with, to get this gorgeous vacation glow to grace our skins and bodies all-year around. Now, I know that some people may suggest that being mixed, I'm already a few steps in front of some of you guys but do keep in mind that as your skin gets darker in the Summer and lighter in the Winter, so does mine ! We're only a couple of shades apart but our skin all reacts the same. A little while before leaving for the U.S., I teamed up with the Yon-Ka Paris brand, which specializes phyto-aromatic care; a perfect match between phytotherapy (use of plants), aromatherapy (use of essential oils) & phytembryotherapy (use of vegetal buds), all applied to skin.

As I was on my way to the other side of the continent, we thought their sun care collection might be a great fit for my immediate needs in term of skin protection, hydration and general health. I first started by using the nourishing self-tanning lotion for two days, prior to my departure. I applied the lotion all-over my body, making sure not to miss any spot underneath my but cheeks, on the back of my knees, in the inside of my elbow and on my back (I asked Karl for this one!). The important thing when using self-tanning lotion is that you must always apply it on a freshly showed and exfoliated skin. I always make sure to shave or wax one to two days before using that kind of body cream because otherwise, the lotion actually gets inside your hair follicles which my create a weird skin pigmentation comparable to thousands of tiny freckles. Of course, the final result and the intensity of your new tan will depend on how much of the product your are using. I like to use my tanning lotions from two to three times in a row (every time after showering) so I get that darker sultry glow that suits me pretty well since it is very similar to the colour my skin takes whenever I expose myself to the sun in the Summer.

When we first arrived in Las Vegas, which was our first destination (if you didn't know about this, check out my Instagram account for every details of this trip!), the weather was so hot and the sun was very intense, not to mention there were absolutely no clouds in the sky. It was therefore the perfect opportunity for me to try out the Yon-Ka Paris SPF 20 medium sun protection for face and body. I like the fact that this one comes into a spraying bottle, which makes it pretty easy to apply without putting on too much. I was pretty impressed with the fast drying power of the sunscreen and how un-greasy my skin felt only five to ten minutes after applying it ! Even thought the SPF 20 sun protection is made for both your face and body, I decided to use the SPF 25 medium sun protection for my face, as it is originally made for sensitive areas. Not that the skin of my face is fragile or anything but it is definitely more conducive to getting a sunburn. Even if I found the SPF 25 sunscreen a tad more rich than the SPF 20, I only needed about fifteen minutes for it to penetrates into my skin before being able to put a thin layer of my favourite BB Cream which always gives me the perfect mate finish.

If, like myself, you are not subject to getting frequent sunburn, a reparing after-sun lotion isn't mandatory in this case, because the sun protection products from Yon-Ka Paris do such a great job at created a barrier for you skin against UVA, UVB and infrared rays (the infrared rays are actually the ones responsible for dark spots and early aging signs!). However, if you happen to be like Karl, who practically gets sunburned simply by thinking about it(!), you might want to consider the repairing and soothing after-sun lotion from Yon-Ka Paris as your before-getting-to-bed body cream. I personally loved using the regenerating progressive glow after-sun lotion from the French brand as my evening body moisturizer because not only it helps preserving my new tan, but it also gives me that extra shine that boosts my confidence before going out ;) Kind of like a body shimmer !

The Yon-Ka Paris sun care collection was definitely a hit on my part, because of the simplicity of its use and the quality of the products. I believe it is very important to feel safe in your skin and to know that your are using products and brands you can trust. I haven't been very vocal about it because it is such a personal matter but I feel like this is truly something worth sharing because I'm such a strong believer of practicing safe sun - But a couple of weeks ago, my mother was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells on her face because of an unsafe exposition to sun in her youth. Thankfully, the doctors removed it all during a routine procedure and she's back to being healthy now, no need for chemo or radio ! But this was certainly a wake-up call for her, for myself and for all our family, that even if we are content with protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun once in a while, we really shouldn't be. You only have one skin and even thought it regenerates, you must take care of it like if it was gold !

Head over here to find out where to purchase your favourite Yon-Ka Paris products as of today !

Thanks to Yon-Ka Paris for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and comments are my own !

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